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Back in 2015, I got the Trump bug. I felt that he was our only hope. Globally and as a flagship for future sanity and progress.

I stumbled upon a little known group of Trump supporters who hailed out of Alabama. They called themselves Right Side Broadcasting Network. And they travelled to where ever Trump was rallying and, with Lord knows what equipment, broadcast his rallies via youtube.

The picture quality was grainy, the coverage patchy, the passion and commitment was exemplary. I was hooked.

I became an RSBN junkie and remain so to this day. 

But they have just been banned from youtube, effectively cutting off Trump's main uncensored, full coverage for the upcoming 2020 election. 

Shaydee just wrote an article about just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, BAM. It does.






RSBN is a bit like my site: underfunded and motivated by love of justice, freedom and fair play. Sure, they are from Alabama and I am from Australia, but we share that same fighting spirit, that same poverty and same desire to speak the truth, share the truth and be damned if you think you can silence our hearts and minds.

 This morning, Shaydee was lamenting the loss of armrests on chairs in public parks. I was moaning about the loss of a voice in Parliament.

Now, I am outraged that " they " are closing down an opportunity for people to, throughout the world, listen to THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA without censorship and without editing.

RSBN have existed because of voluntary funding from folk like me. And we donate because we want to. It gives us pleasure. We enjoy seeing our girls chat and tell us about the atmosphere at the rallies; the young men and women who enthusiastically tell us about the " vibe " that they are experiencin whilst they wait in the throng of thousands of devoted Trump fans.

Because I cannot go to Montana or wherever the latest rally may be, RSBN has given me the chance to enjoy the atmosphere and anticipation that those few thousands get to enjoy for real.

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However, unlike my site, RSBN has gone from strength to strength and grown and thrived. The equipment has gotten better, the coverage more professional dare I say - yet it never lost that home town, apple pie embrace your Granma feel.

Yes, I love RSBN. 

And, because decent people love RSBN, youtube has to pull it from their ridiculous and biased leftist controlling platform. 

Because, after all, who could expect them to leave something decent and Patriotic and honest on their indecent, unpatriotic and dishonest left leaning platform?

Diamond and Silk have been fervent Trump fans from the beginning. 

Are they next? Will Trump be next?



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