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 Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate for the DemocRAT Party has gone past being an embarrassment. He is now actually a laughing stock and a danger to the Party as a whole. 

Obviously, from my point of view - as an avid President Trump fan, this is great news. But to the leftie luvvies, even they must be shuddering and shrinking in their boots that he is coming to their party - and hoping to be the Master of Ceremony.

 It is no secret that Joe Biden has caused enormous damage to his own reputation as former Vice President of the United States of America. It is no secret that Joe Biden has a son who has caused enormous damage to the reputation of the Biden family and to his Nation as well. Hunter Biden, the " Where's Waldo " of the scandal over the Ukraine, Burisma Holdings and his recent paternity issues with a young lady who has allegedly had his bubbie.... while Hunter was bonking the dead brother's missus ... no, the poor Biden family have had a lot of issues to deal with lately.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not really showered himself in glory either, has he?  The VICE President? It certainly makes you think, doesn't it? And now he aspires to be the President ... of vice? Surely not. I would never suggest such a terrible thing. I take that wicked thought back. 

The sniffing Joe memes are everywhere. 

His preoccupation wth sniffing hair, sniffing children and generally sniffing every thing and every one is legendary. In fact, sniffing Joe is one sneeze short of a flu injection when it comes to sniffing.


 He is muddling along the campaign trail leaving a swathe of shame, embarrassment and incredulation. 

However, the latest thing he did was made a speech about his hairy legs and cockroaches. Oh, for crying out loud, how long will this rubbish go on before someone gives Uncle Joe a sedative and tells him to go and have a little lie down? 

The following video was made, so cleverly, by a Dutch dude by the name of Sven Stoffels, a very gifted and amazing illustrator and video maker.

It uses the exact words spoken by creepy Uncle Joe and Sven just popped up the video.... if you doubt me, check out the actual video footage.

 But I urge you to watch what Sven did with it. 

Now, be prepared to be amazed.


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