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Troubled times. Bad times. Times of biblical proportions.

Plagues of Lord knows what... times of trouble and destruction and times to end all times.

 What we need is an old fashioned Preacher Man.

Do we already have him?


I attended Sunday School when I was a kid. My parents never made us... my older brother did not join me and my other brother, but we two walked down the country road and attended Church each Sunday where our Methodist Preacher told us how to be good people. Don't drink, be kind and  above all else, look after each other.

 My brother and I became baptised in to the Methodist Church and my parents never attended the service. It was our decision to become baptised Christians. The two of of us regularly attended rallies Our older brother was not interested. 

As the years have passed and we have become older, wiser and more mature, we have ended up being very similar. Yet somehow not at all. 

My fellow baptised brother later retreated into a solitude of private thoughts and concepts, a quiet contemplative man. I became an agnostic spiritual adherent and questionner of everything.My older brother worshipped the Mellow and no Stress.  My Father continued with his quiet worship of the Old Testament, Spiritual fulfilment and all things questioning and philisophical.. and my Mother continued to be our Mother, looking after us, caring for us, loving us and our offspring. A role she continues to fulfuil after over 85 years of life.

I stumbled upon this video on youtube and it made me realise that what we need is an old fashioned Preacher Man.

Not to give us our views or opinions but to ground us. Someone to simply say " Enough. " 



republished with the owner's permission.

 Have we found our Preacher Man? Is this why he is being so torn apart and given such a hard time? 

I never thought that I would say it, but it is time to get back to Church. 

Because, right now, we need some help . Our Governments have abandoned us and no one else seems to be putting their hands up. Our laws are stifling our speech; our laws are stopping our ability to hear and our laws are stopping us from listening.

If we cannot put our trust in our Government, our media or our internet, who the hell do we trust?

For myself, the Preacher Man is looking pretty good. 

 Is Trump our Preacher Man?

If he is not, who is going to save us from Hell? Because, right now, he is our only hope.









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