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I confess. I am a Man.

Perhaps I should head off and top myself? What have I done that makes me so toxic that Lefties hate me and my kind so much?

What is wrong with the world? I keep getting told that if things are bad then I should find some sugar to add to the mix. The bottom line is that there are times when there isn't enough sugar to sweeten the sour taste that is in my mouth when I read the crap that spews out of the leftist mouths.

Well, at this rate, we would all be diabetic if we swallowed the medicine the Left want us to swallow and I am not interested in their desire to turn me from patient into a patient.

I have had enough and so should you. The Left want to kill us. Time to fight back.

Someone tells you that it is a great idea to be cold and hungry so that you can save the Planet. You should give up your home and your job so that people from Africa and the Middle East can come and live in your house and have you work harder every day to make sure that they can sleep warm and secure while you are out labouring to feed and house them... hell, wouldn't you just be a tiny bit pissed off? That Men are the greatest scourge on humanity today?

Do the Left truly have any idea how delusional and stupid they sound?

Oh, I am a privileged white male. I have a home and a car and a family and a wife and worked hard for every thing I have. Now, I feel really guilty for the things I have because I am a white male and did these terrible things - like working and slogging my guts out so that others could do nothing and tell me what a bastard I am. Not on your bloody life mate.

work quotes smart hard work quote a hardworking man is more powerful than microsoft word smart quotes

I am proud of what I have done and will not let anyone tell me or direct me to apologise for doing what is instinctive: to look after my family and my bloody country.

How hard is this for people from the Left to understand? My role, as a man, is to look after my family.

At the moment, I ( as a “ Man “ ) am being pursued by feminists, vegans and rainbow warriors. I am being hunted down by rabid journalists who hate my words and everything I stand by, I am being sought by homosexual men and lesbian women who want to tear my heart out. For my crime of being a white, heterosexual, happily married man who is a father and husband and believes in old fashioned, tradional values.

What, honestly, have I done wrong? I have never beaten my wife or children. I have never prevented my wife from being herself. I have never not worked, buggered  off and just said " nah, can't be bothered going to work today...too busy having a protest march. " Never. Not once.

My wife has her own money - I trust her. And she trusts me. We are a Partnership. Yet I am apparently a misogynist, white, privileged shithead who does not deserve to live. Forget my hours visiting people in older years. No, that is worthless. Just crap. Forget the miles I drove to see and help those that needed a light bulb changing, a fridge moved or a story listened to. Worthless. No consequence. After all, I am  a man and as such, a useless piece of shit.

kids and dad

Well, I do have value. I am a man. I do identify as male. I am male in my chromosomes and I am damned proud of my life, my role as a man, a husband, a father and a mate.

Sometimes you just need to have the guts to stand up and say “ I am a man and damned proud of it. Without me, where would you be? “

I am off to put my granddaughter in to bed and kiss my good wife goodnight and give my daughter a hug and off  to watch the football.

With a beer. Cheers mate.

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