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The present is the past within the blink of an eye.  It is from the present that we can preserve the past and protect the future. The present is the most important time of all.

We are now facing a time whereby our Present will determine not only our Future, but our Past as well. The Left are trying to paint our memories out. Re write history. Repaint our past. 

As an avid reader of Science Fiction and Space Opera, historical novels and Politics, it could be seen that I live in a world of the future, the past and the present. My reading is scattered throughout all three.

I enjoy exploring the realms of history and the past yet I still live within the present.  

 All three are so closely intertwined.  Yet the left wish to change our past, in the present, in order to manipulate the future. 

By tearing down monuments, re writing history and manipulating records of weather and other historical events, the left are trying to paint over the canvas of our memories, our history and our heritage. 

I was at my Mum's home yesterday and I saw an oil painting of the beach that she lives near. It is a painting of a dog sitting beside an old timber seat. There are windsurfers and dog walkers and the beach is awash with surf that is rolling in. It has been there for years. Mum's little Jack Russell posing on the dunes is at the forefront. He was a young pup at the time and now an elderly gent.

The dunes have come and gone so many times since the painting was created. The old wooden seat washed away years ago when a storm surge took it and the dunes. The windsurfers and dog walkers have been to work, married, had children and some of those in the painting have died. Time has marched on yet here, in this painting, there is a moment frozen in time. The dog is still with us.The same but different.

Over the years, decades and centuries, a beach becomes covered in the tread marks of people who marched, skipped, lay, embraced, were born, died and fought upon its surface.

We now have an incoming tide of people and ideologies who wish to wipe the beach clean and remove our imprints on its metaphorical memory. In that way, the beach will seem to be a blank canvas on which to paint a new past and, in doing so, create a new future. But underneath that new painting there will still be the defiant image of the seat, the windsurfers and the little Jack Russell.


You can change a place name, ban a book or lock up a dissenter, but the grains of sand still wear the tread and the beat of the drum that is the heart of those who used to be.

Socialists around the world are so busy trying to eradicate history, its teaching and its authenticity. 

People think that they can manipulate truth but it is impossible. As so many cultures from around the world have proven, oral history lasts longer than any written word. Memories are long and no matter how many books are burned, records altered or people removed from commentary, that thing called truth will somehow keep springing back like a seedling in a barren landscape.
History is invincible. No matter what armies try to kill it, destroy it, bury it or suppress it. Because history is truth. All else is propaganda.


In every house in every land around the world, there is a photograph, a painting, a person who has a memory.

This is what so many of our Politicians should fear. The painting. The photograph. The memory.

Even as they try to take away our memories and our traditions and our values all they are doing is making our memories sharper. For every time that they sweep our beach clean, we walk back and make new footprints and new memories. They may steal our right to speak, to write and to express our opinions but they can never steal our memories.

We have become that Jack Russell sitting in the dunes in a painting … we may be older; we may be the grandchildren who played with him when he was a young pup; but we all hold our memories dear.

All Activists and all Politicians around the world TODAY, remember one very important fact.

We will not be painted out.

What do you think?

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