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joyce I did not think kindly or well of Barnaby Joyce about his betrayal of his wife and daughters.

 I still do not. But by God, sometimes he hits it out of the park when it comes to defending the People of Australia.

What he lacks in loyalty to his wife and daughers, he has our backs, that is for sure. 

From his facebook he writes:

" The new year is going to change our nation. This may be a trite, repetitious warning, but this time it is going to happen. We have ­arrived at the space where indoctrination has beaten logic.
We want an economy that has no baseload power, but does have cheap power.
We export uranium but ­refuse to use it.
We make little to nothing, but we close down export markets such as the live sheep trade.
We have a lower standard of education than Singapore but believe Asian markets will want the services of Sydney.
The Greens want to jail people who export thermal coal.
It won’t work, guys. You are going to get smashed.

barnabt joyce

Poll after poll predicts we will vote in a Greens-Labor-independent government that is promising payments from an economy they are closing down, so the only other place to get money for their promises is your savings. If you want their nirvana then find yourself an excellent accountant. You will need one.
If you believe Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are congested — well, suck it up, because more people from God knows what country are on their way. They will come because they want to and under the circumstances they choose.
Don’t dare say the words “son” or “daughter” — they are now to be neuter people.
The right of the objecting individual will reign supreme over the complacent, polite broader body.
The Greens-Labor-independent alliance has its philosophical totem which it enforces by guilt to place more caveats over your assets and more impositions over your income streams.
You have already fallen for it.
You stood by and let farmers be dispossessed of their vegetation rights because of global warming.
You must buy power only from the prescribed source because of global warming.
You will buy cars of their prescription because of global warming.
You will not eat meat because of global warming.
You fell for it, sucker! Just keep handing over your sovereignty.
I know, you don’t want to be involved, because it is kind of awkward and impolite. That is not a problem for the far Left, which is running to the election and not having to fire a shot before they take you to the new world of the Teachers Federation and the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union.
As noted in my book Weatherboard and Iron, this may be a bitter dirge but it is one that is going to be sung to you in six months.
The Labor Party will play the quiet game. It is too cunning to be led to a hostile battlefield when it can shoot us in a clear field from its own forest.
I live in a rented house but you don’t. No brother, you are going to pay because when they get their money out of your house by taking away your buyers because of the loss of negative gearing, it will be your problem and nobody else’s.
And remember, they don’t believe it is morally right that you have that wealth.
This election is not about Malcolm or Morrison or Mother Teresa leading the government.
It’s whether you will have a left-wing socialist government or a conservative government — a government which believes that if you work hard and earn money, it should be protected. Or a government that thinks your money should pay for its promises for its mates’ utopia"


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