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Opinion piece from Guest writer Redhead

The type of news we read today would not have been seen or heard 5 or 6 years ago.   In that short time the World as we used to know it has changed and changed dramatically.   Even little New Zealand has undergone  such a dramatic change it is almost  a different Country.   Australia with its  - “ we must be careful what we  say and do for fear of upsetting  a particular  group of  people.”    People who are new comers , people who a helping hand was given who somehow bite that hand that feeds them .      


No one is concerned about the plight of the farmers or their animals .   The  cruel slaughter of cattle and sheep, something that a few years ago would have given a very loud response from the RSPCA not to mention the majority of the population.     This new way of killing is to keep the  new comers  feeling at home.   We are not concerned about our animals and their  final end on this earth.   The Bible says we are here to look after and protect  to the best of our ability these  creatures.     We kill them for food.   But surely we can do in the  way we used to, not in this cruel and uncaring way that has become the  new  regime.

Look at the overseas news .   Los Angeles  for example.   Thousands of homeless,  mostly drug addicts living in filth and as quickly as the Authorities clean up an area it is repopulated with the same group of  homeless people.   Old diseases  from the middle ages are  rampant ; rats ,  and we all know that rats are excellent carriers  of filth.   San Francisco and even from what you read London,  are  not far behind.   I have fears that South Auckland and places in Melbourne and Sydney  are quickly following in the footsteps of those places in the USA.  

 A few years ago this type of thing was not common place , it was something the Authorities dealt with and  kept under control.   Now we have certain groups of people that are above the Law , can abuse, and do what they want and no one does anything about it because it might upset that particular group of people .  We have to get back to one set of Rules and  one set of Laws that apply to every one.    Newcomers  included.   If  the Newcomers  find it too hard to abide  by the Country’s Rules and Regulations, then go back to their   original homes.  

We need a Government that will override the cries of the  minority  and do what is right for the People, for the Animals and  for the  Country.     Look into the water problem, the Electrical, the method of Killing our Animals, put the majority of the people first and not the loud voice of the  minority .   

Get back to old fashioned values  and what a happy World we would have.    


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