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We are in a drought of epic proportions and yes, we need a Great Reset if we consider politics, moral values, family values and the restoration of the hope, prosperity and old fashioned optimism that we are losing each and every day.. 
In those terms, we are in the middle of a drought that is so great, so horrific and so mind-numbingly dreadful that many of us fear it will never end. In fact, we fear it will only get worse.


We, as a Nation, are being overcome by " feral pigs ", ( as Feather said so accurately )  who are running rampant through our society and communities.

Our great Nation of Australia is seeing the Judas Goats of Politicians leading us to the slaughter as people willingly queue up to get poison injected into their bodies and we are seemingly powerless to stop it.

Yet we are seeing the flooding rains of Critical Race Theory, brainwashing and fear. We are drowning in the floodwaters of climate change and covid policies that are making us metaphorically gasp for air in this sea of leftist alarmism.
Our communities are suffering the blisters of sunburn from the heat of a constant flow of radiation from MSM, governments and activists who are adopting a scorched earth policy where. once they have finished wreaking havoc on the world, will leave nothing but the devastation of all that has been built, fought for, died for and sacrificed for.

Our lives are being destroyed by those we sought to represent us and our voices stifled by those who vowed to protect our voices and our freedom to live and act as FREE Citizens.
It seems almost impossible to rationalise the concept that we can be dying of thirst and drowning - all at the same time.

Yet this is what is happening. 
All we see and hear these days is misery, mayhem and governmental policies to create fear and to keep us in a perpetual state of stress. 
Get the jab or lose your job. Get the jab or lose your life.
Get the jab or lose your right to go to a store or interact with other fellow citizens. Everything is about getting a vaccine that is not a vaccine or be prepared to be branded a leper.

If this is not bad enough, we now have to weather the storm front of never ending hail and lightning whereby we must sacrifice our comfort and hitherto God given right to shelter, heat and a modicum of comfort in order to satisfy the greedy self appointed priests who worship at the altar of  Climate Change. Global Warming or whatever the latest name is for the deity of choice.

Read it and weep.

I don't know about you, but I have had a gutful of this politically driven bullshit that spews out of the volcanic mouths of activists, politicians and so called celebrities.
To me, the celebrities are people who have celebrated freedom and right to life and the right to live in an open society that does not suppress free will or the RIGHT to make a decision based on their own  PERSONAL choice.
Try going to a Doctor to get an exemption for the vaccination. It is not going to happen. I have a friend who tried to get one from a Doctor who is anti vax and he said that he cannot give one because he is not " allowed to. "
What have we permitted our governments, our elected REPRESENTATIVES to do TO us? Not on our behalf, but TO us?
I want to go back to commonsense, critical thinking and old fashioned logic. 
I think we used to call it sanity. 
If Scott Morrison doesn't change his course, he is the Captain of the Australian Titanic and what is tragic is that a Labor Government is the bloody iceberg.
What to do?


Well, I think we need to get back to the REAL drought. The REAL flood. The REAL virus.


We need water. We need the Bradfield Scheme.

We need to stop the flood of bullshit and brainwashing and political and activist propaganda.

We need to stop the real virus which is unmitigated immigration and the virus which is poisoning our people with the toxin of FEAR.

In short, we need to restore commonsense, critical thinking and patriotism.

A celebration of love. Of country, of self and of normality. 

The days of 2020 and 2021 have been devouring the very soul of Australia and other great free nations like America.

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Like a parasite that eats and feeds off its host, this new world order, this great reset, this toxic thing that has changed our lives forever is NOT Covid. It is the parasite called politics.

Oh, and of course it's master, money.

We DO need a great reset. But it is not what " they " want. Our needed "great reset"  is to do what we have often done with our computers: Set a restore point, select it and bloody do it.

Otherwise, the entire hard drive of our society is going to be forever corrupted by a virus that is so nasty, there will be no McAfee, no Norton, no Bitdefender to save it.

Because this is the most sinister virus ever created.

The virus of Fear. 

My question is this: what is our restore point?

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