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Climate Change or Mind Change? Take your pick. It is all about manipulation of the mind according the climate of the political day.

And today's political climate MUST change.

Take your pick. Use it for coal or use it to dig us deeper in to socialism where the only winners are those that are leading us, like the Judas Goat, to slaughter.

Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.




Like these poor sheep, we are being led to slaughter by those that seek to betray us. And these poor little kids, traumatised by climate change bullshit, are following the goat to their inevitable demise.

For those of you who missed school, back in the olden days, according to our family dictionary, reprinted in 1964 and originally printed in 1911, a pick is a

“ a tool consisting of an iron curved edge with a point at one end and a chisel edge at the other,  used for breaking up hard ground or getting coal. “


oxford  university press 1964

PICK. Great word. My pick of the week.

Even our dictionaries are being re written.


Bottom line: The activists left the rubbish and left it lying.


They did not pick it up and want us to stop “ picking “ coal “ ; picking sides or

USING A PICK TO GATHER COAL TO ENRICH THEIR LIVES…….If you don’t want coal, don’t turn your bloody heaters or air conditioning on.

Don’t take your train or car to attend a climate march or protest. WALK.

PICK which side you are on.


I have always been an environmentalist. Which is a fancy label for having Guardianship over our families, our home and ourselves.

Guardianship is a responsibility, an obligation, not a Political movement or a catch phrase.

It is a given.

I don’t need to march or hold a placard to do what is right. I don’t need to tell everyone how “ woke”  I am. I do it every day by being respectful, responsible and adult. Quietly and without fuss.  It is called COMMON sense. Yet it is increasingly NON sense.

As a kid, I grew up with earthquakes every day. We just got under our desks at school, waited until it was over, got up and carried on with listening to our teacher.
Fear is manufactured these days.

We were not taught to fear earthquakes but to be aware of their existence.

It wasn’t political.

When kids are being taught fear for Political agendas, something is very rotten and there is a stink about this whole situation.

When kids are being used, and yes, abused, to promote a Political Agenda, the stench is pervasive and life threatening.


After the so called climate marches throughout the world yesterday, I have to wonder: are children now weapons to be used as cannon fodder by the leftist mob?

Aborted, their bits and pieces of their frail little bodies sold to the highest bidder? If actually fortunate to be born, used as the front line of the march towards global socialism?

We saw parents who took their children out of school and delivered them via our toxic ( apparently ) transport system to protest what was essentially a protest against modernity.

So called teachers applauding irresponsibility and offering to give pass marks on missed tests.

We saw mountains of left behind plastic and rubbish after they popped back to their iphones and computers, created from the very evil they wish to eradicate.

When parents start parenting again, instead of using their children as political weapons; when parents start nurturing their children instead of using them as weapons in Family Court; when politicians start seeing that children are becoming cannon fodder for adults to hurl at the bastions of tradition; when the media see that they are complicate in this terrible ABUSE of children; when enough adults call out “ Enough! “ ; when we, as adults, call time and pick the right side, dig deep and ask ourselves “ who is at stake here? Us our kids and grandkids? “  

For myself, I wouldn’t want my grandchild or great grandchild to go to school today. School has become a place of mind control.

Climate Change or Mind Change? Take your pick. It is all about manipulation of the mind according the climate of the political day.

Mind manipulation

Dig Deep and take your pick: you can shovel as much shit as you want but the pick is what really matters.

And today's political climate MUST change.

I apologise for having been mislead by the media from across Australia about an image that I used on my blog.
It was not my intention to offend or cause offence. The image has been removed.
If I offended anyone, from any Religion, Gender, non Gender or trans Gender, trans Religion or non person identity then all I can say is fuck you.
It was a bloody photo.
Oh, cheers, and have a nice day.
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