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Throughout history, we have seen Nations triumph or be crushed by authoritarianism and it all comes down to the strength of the Leader at the helm.

But strength when exercised through fear and strength exercised through Patriotism and love are two entirely different matters. 

Hitler was strong but he ruled with fear. Xi Jinping is much the same. Pol Pot. Idi Amin. 

How many of us believe that Trump rules through Fear and that the founders of Antifa and BLM rule through Patriotism and love? 

Who are you afraid to offend right now? The Leftists who attack you through social media? Or people like President Trump, Viktor Orban? 

When it takes courage to stand up to defend your Rights, chances are you are in fear. If it doesn't make you frightened to stand up and defend your rights, you are probably in safe hands.

It is our choice to stand or fall in the face of fear.

I watched a movie last night ' the King's Choice ' from Norway. If you have not seen it, I urge you to find it and watch it.

download 2020 07 10T130349

Norway entered the conflict of WW2 as a neutral country - it sought not to be for or against. It hoped that it could stay out of the conflict and avoid the torment of the war that was beginning to rage around it's borders. Within a short period of time,

Norway learned that taking no side is impossible if you yourself are placed in the firing line.

Neutrality is impossible when Fear and Power and Control enter the fray. 

I suspect that many people around the world are hoping that they can stay neutral: neither agree nor disagree and therefore stay safe from the civil war that is brewing. Just keep your head down, lie under the radar and not get involved. 

download 2020 07 10T131547

Norway tried it and it didn't work.

Neutrality is no longer an option. Because, to be neutral means that you are fearful of consequences. That in itself is reason to stand up and declare your allegiance. If you do not, then the outcome is inevitable: you will still have to make a choice.  

It is time, as Nations and as citizens,  to realise that we are under attack and it is INEVITABLE that we will have to declare our hand. 

In 1940, the then King of Norway, King Haakon was faced with one of the greatest decisions of his life. He was nearly 70 years old and a fiercely patriotic man. The Nazis wanted control of Norway's Iron Ore and both Norway and Denmark became targets of the wrath of the German War Machine. An intense invasion of Denmark, lasting a mere 6 hours, saw Denmark capitulate in exchange for being " allowed " to keep its " independence " and not have the Luftwaffe bomb the living daylights out of Copenhagen. 

Norway did not. And it was all because of King Haakon. He made a choice. Much like the choice we must make now. 

The King of Norway's courage and moral compass was really tested by Nazi Germany. 

 download 2020 07 10T131958.999

Hitler wanted to install a Nazi-friendly government in Norway under Vidkun Quisling, someone the Norwegian people neither liked nor trusted. Despite the pressure upon him to lie down to the bully that was Nazi Germany, King Haakon refused to kow tow to Hitler. 

The strength that it must have taken for this aging King to stand up to Hitler is astonishing. His fear must have been intense. But his love of his Nation and his People was greater than his fear of death or an unknown future under Nazi occupation. 

He chose to stand and fight rather than fall on his knees or on his belly in submission. 

 " The Germans retaliated with bombing campaigns. King Haakon VII ultimately evacuated the country with government leaders, forming a Norwegian government in exile. During this time King Haakon VII made speeches to his people through the BBC radio service. " 


The Norwegian government and King Haakon started a radio channel which broadcasted from London to Norway. In 1940. Each Christmas, the King would deliver a speech to his People and, thoughout the war, the broadcasts kept the Norwegians in contact with their beloved king. 

800px Håkon 7. malt i veien

Everywhere in Norway during the occupation 1940-45, the King’s monogram H7 became the very symbol of freedom. The symbol was banned, and those caught drawing it on the ground or buildings were sentenced to severe prison sentences. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Make no mistake, we are now, throughout the globe, in a time of crisis. 

Now is the time for strong patriotic Leaders; men and women who will not lie down and surrender for fear of upsetting China or offending the vocal minority who, fuelled with hatred of everything we hold dear, are ready and willing to surrender their rights and liberties to a group of Marxists and Communists who would see us under their jackboot. The vision of George Floyd's head under the knee of a cop has nothing in comparison to what we are going to see should our weaker leaders prevail in the months and years ahead. 

Now is not the time to bow down to the self confessed Black Lives Matter  Marxist thuggery. 


Today, we see people lying prostate in submission to a group of thugs, traitors and marxist/communist bullies. We should hang our heads in shame at what we, as people, as Patriots and as the offspring of those who fought and died, have become.

To think that this happened in Australia as a protest in support of Black Lives Matter is morally abhorrent and so very disrespectful to the brave people who had the guts to stand up to tryrany and give their lives so that we could live.

kneesand submission

This self loathing that has crept in to our populations is reprehensible and should be seen for what it is: an act of cowardice in the face of bullies.

Now is the time for strength, not weakness. Now is the time for patriotism, not ideology. Now is the time to stand up, not lie down in submission. Now is the time to make a choice.

For if we lie down, we can expect to be walked over. 

Here endeth the lesson. 



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