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What on earth has happened to our laws , our regard for the individual with  polite and helpful behavior.
It seems to me that  the Police in Victoria are picking on the  vulnerable and  innocent person to intimidate.     Ladies sitting on park benches in the sun,  a man out walking  in the fresh air ,   women driving in cars, harmless and  law abiding people  minding their own business.    
Are they  trying to  stop the person who is creating violence … NO...  they might  get hurt.   so what do they do , they have fun being nasty by frightening the  innocent.   Think about it, how would you feel if suddenly police were stopping you , telling you to get out of your car and manhandling you to try and make you.   I think if it was me I would throw a wobbly too.  It would be the most frightening thing that could happen.   S.S  Storm troopers  in Nazi Germany.  War time tactics  , bashing doors down  and dragging people out and arresting them .
Now this. 

The man's father spoke this morning on what happened.

We have seen it on the movies, but who would have thought in peace time we would see it here in our own country.     A week ago we saw an expectant mother handcuffed , we saw   shots of a man in his apartment and then the door bashed  down and police make an entry and  arrested him because he wouldn't open his door.   
Would you want to open your door and let in police dressed in Riot gear into your home when you had no idea what terrible things they had in store for you.   
The mental anguish that must be going on in peoples minds during this awful house hold arrest … so called lockdown … for your protection ..  what nonsense.   It is a ploy to subdue, cause fear, and make people compliant .     Separate them so they cannot express their thoughts and  discuss  the situation with others.   That way no one knows what their neighbor is thinking , how they are feeling.   I do know that they have managed to set neighbour against neighbour , because they are reporting any thing to get one another into trouble.     No wonder individuals don't want to open their  door to the  Nazi police.

 When you get State Premiers that think they are God's answer to a prayer , close their borders, order who can and cannot come into the State,  Make allowances for  well known people , but ignore the plight of the ordinary citizen then something is very wrong.   They are pandering to the need  of the person who comes and will be gone again,  but not looking after the person or people in need who actually live here .   The people whose kids go to school here, who work here , or would if they could.. Whose  nearest hospital is just across the  border , whose Father or Mother's funeral  is just out of reach, whose Daddy is dying and the kids aren't allowed to visit one last time.   Those are denials that will never be forgotten.
These hard hearted Premiers should be replaced by someone who has  some humanity  , no one is getting any immunity with covered faces and locked up in stuffy rooms.   They should be out in the Parks ..   out in the fresh sunny air .  Mixing  and building up immunity  to fight off any virus or "bug" that could be  looking for victims. Not being subjected to bullying police,  manhandled  , handcuffed and arrested.

Meanwhile in America we have the opposite happening. Police are being murdered and beaten up and State Governors are doing nothing to support their Police.
It seems to me that the problem is that too many Leaders are scared of the Rioters. 
The only winners are the bullies. 
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