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I have just seen a video clip of five police arresting an expectant mother on a beach in Melbourne  for not wearing a mask.   ..  failing to provide proof of who she is....... whatever their latest " reason " , the temperature was 30 degrees and people were on the beach, I noticed that others were not wearing a mask but they had to pick on another pregnant lady to be their victim.    Old ladies with hip replacements, expectant mothers  , the most vulnerable people the police of Victoria can find and they are using their powers to upset and victimise them. Worse still, she appeared to be bleeding and could have miscarried.  Did they call an ambulance?   No. They arrested her.

It was terrible to witness the other "Mum to be" being abusing and arrested , the panic and  feeling of what is happening must have been awful .   The  two ladies who were doing what they have been told to do , exercise the hip replacement ,  hip was tender so they sat down to rest it and then were accosted     by the bully boys in navy blue  loaded with all their frightening gear  and told to keep moving.   I hope that one day  they have an operation  that is painful but requires exercise and they  are given similar treatment.   Unfortunately they probably will  because Victoria  seems very happy with the methods Comrade Dan is using to subdue the people.
Don't forget that other "Mum to be"  that was arrested in her house,  for tweeting about a gathering  ..  a peaceful gathering to say they were not very happy with the way things were going.      Private opinions are out of bounds , In the unusual heat  a mask on a beach  is mandatory  .   How much more are the people of Victoria  supposed to tolerate.   When is something positive going to be done to lighten their load of such dreadful overbearing and cruel behaviour.  
Why are they picking on the  very people who cannot fight back.   Or is that the reason they are too scared to take on a blokey bloke so they pick on old ladies and mothers expecting babies.   Five of them!!!!!  I am sure there are lots more incidences of five police throwing their weight around and  instilling fear and apprehension  into the people  but those are just the ones that  I have heard and read about and  find so upsetting.
Police  ..  I always thought were supposed to be there to help and reassure , look after and protect , at the moment they seem to be so busy frightening the innocent and   forgetting the real  criminals and crooks .   Maybe they are afraid they might get hurt , so it is easier to be busy scaring half to death the  easier targets.


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