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You've got to hand it to China. When it is attacked, it comes out with all barrels blazing. Like all bullies, it can’t stand criticism and if one of the normal kids stands up for him or herself, that bully gets down and dirty really fast.

There was a time when you could go to the teacher and tell the teacher that the bully was picking on you. But not these days. The staffroom is full of teachers who are the school bully’s biggest fans.

There is a bully in the China Shop. In fact, the Bully runs one of the only shops in town.

Like the lyrics in the old song “ I owe my soul to the company store “ Australia, like many Nations throughout the world owes it’s soul to the Bully in the China Store.


Key pieces of Australian infrastructure are in the hands of China. China owns an airport in Western Australia ( bought for $1) and has a 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin. They own agricultural land, wind farms and even own a lot of our water. Some nine million hectares of Australian land are in their hands. Communist Party approved Confucius Institutes are in our Universities, along with thousands of Chinese students. The State of Victoria is in bed with China and woe betide anyone daring to speak out against our “ friends “ from China anywhere… you will be branded a Racist.


Our Foreign investment Review Board is weak kneed and a toothless tiger as Chinese buy up Investment properties in our residential market.

I read online :

“ China is the second largest foreign owner of land in Australia with Chinese companies in control of 2.3 per cent of the nation's soil. Most of the foreign-owned land is in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and is used for cattle farming. Thanks to our idiot, treacherous duopoly politicians /FIRB over the past decade China has poured more than $150 billion into Australia by investing in or acquiring Australian companies. In December 2019, a Chinese dairy company announced it will take over a string of popular Australian milk brands in a $600 million deal. Mengniu Dairy will acquire Melbourne-based dairy company Lion Dairy & Drinks, which sells Big M, Dairy Farmers and Dare products. Lion brands also include Yoplait yoghurt, Vitasoy, Pura and Farmers Union. In 2017, Chinese company Goldwind bought Stockyard Hill Wind Farm, which has 149 turbines 35km west of Ballarat, from Origin Energy for $110million. “ – author unknown


While China still has the benefit of being a developing Nation, it does not have to comply with the rules and regulations that the rest of us have to, thus brazenly polluting and exploiting their country and populace and no one does a damn thing about it. In fact, they are now our slave masters because they can blackmail us so very easily. If we do not do as we are told, they will withdraw their trade dollars and make us squirm until we are good little children again.

This is our last chance to stand up to the Bully that is the Chinese Shop.

We must stand up to them NOW.

Xi Jinping has assumed unchallenged power, and the Party propaganda has been stoking the fires that have seen Taiwan and Hong Kong threatened and now the rest of world is witnessing the sheer power they can exert , by accident or intent, unleashing a virus that has brought the Western World to its economic knees.

Their Military force is being ramped up at an unpreceded rate. They are rushing to lay their hands on as many vital resources around the world as they can. 



I am reminded of the sage words of the Dalai Llama, forced to live in exile after the brutal invasion of Tibet in 1950 and the subsequent horror of 10 March 1959.

The world stood by and did nothing to help this brave little country and to this day, Tibet is still an independent Nation under illegal occupation. I shudder to think what the end will look like if we became Chinese Slaves. 

“Time passes unhindered. When we make mistakes, we cannot turn the clock back and try again. All we can do is use the present well.” – Dalai Lama


Let us learn from Tibet and applaud the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong. Let us turn to them and let them turn to us. Let us look to India, to each other. 

We must collectively refuse to shop at the China Shop and starve the bully out.

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