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There will never ever be a world free of the contagion that was unleashed upon us. This virus is here to stay.  Like measles and whooping cough in the past, a vaccine will come. Until then, we need to accept it is with us, and it is here forever.  This entire shutdown of our economies, our ways of life and our day to day lives is like the polio epidemic of decades passed. But, like polio, a vaccine will come. Until the next virus lands on our shores. Some images may be distressing. 

 My feeling is that  we are going to see more and more bio chemical, sinister outbreaks over the months and years ahead. Pooh Corner has realised that it can bring the West to its knees because of a virus. 
That is not good.  They hate us and they have no compassion. Everything we hold dear means NOTHING to them. Is hate too hard a word? 
We are being held to ransom right now. Our entire way of life is in jeopardy. Everything we love and value is being threatened because of a virus that, like it or not, is here to stay. 
Rather than locking our Nations down, I am going to go out on a limb and say that our problem is that we need to cut off all ties with China and any Nation that exports goods from that country that hate us so much that they are willing to kill us in order to control us.
Cut all ties with Communist China. Take NOTHING from this rogue nation that seeks our downfall. Any Country or State that imports ANYTHING from this Nation should be cut off. 
They will release another contagion once this one is under control and we will go though the same thing, again and again, like Groundhog Day. Except, unlike Bill Murray, we will come out the other end as slaves and workers for a Communist State of Pooh Corner.
We are in a battle that makes the previous battles look tame. After all, those were FAIR: man against man. Not the sneaky, nasty and horrific tactics that Pooh has used to try to defeat us.
Our People are locked down. Our industry is crippled. Our economies are crashing. What happens when the next " mutant " virus enters?  China will apologise and regret the problem?
No. An emphatic NO.
As an old digger said  " If you had a machine gun and tried to kill them all marching toward you will never kill them all. " That was written 70 years ago.
And it is more true today than ever before. 
The only way we can stop what could be a global economic and social takeover by China is to stop China. In its tracks. Shut the bastards down. Sue them. My Grandmother hated " The Japs " because of what they did to her family. The " Japs " were not nice to people of the older generation. Neither were the Germans. Older people still remember the pain and the loss. All the young folk have no bloody idea.
This Forgive and Forget is somehow strange right now. 
Have we forgiven too much? Forgotten too much? Have we forgotten the sacrosanct words " Lest we forget" ?
When so many died and so few lived to see liberation?
Don't import anything or anyone from there. Close our borders. Only trade with TRUSTED countries. 
This is not a situation to be politically correct about. This is a tale of life and death.  SHUT our borders properly. Trade with trusted Nations.
Our world has changed forever. Communist China is the enemy and I may be the only person prepared to say it right now.
If I get carted off to the gulag, we will know who rules the roost. 
Just remember when this Virus is tackled another will arrive. And another. This is War. And it frightens the hell out of me. 

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