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We are at the showdown folks. This will be show down. This is the thing that will sort out who Australia is, what Australia is and the future that Australia can look forward to.
To China or not to China? That is the question.
Who will prevail? Who will defend China? Who will not?
We are about to sort the wheat from the chaff my friends and I believe that the husk is about to get very thick. In fact, we will be so covered in it, we won't know the hell is going on.
It has always been about China. Our wonderful Nation, country, identity as Ozzie, has been invaded for a long time. 
Don't get me wrong here - we saw the introduction of Greeks, Italians, Kiwis, Hungarians, Poms, pretty much everyone from everywhere back in the old days. You know the ones - when people came here to GIVE and CONTRIBUTE and WORK... you know those days. We fought, fought hard. We built things, we created a Nation that was Australian and we were laughed at and we didn't mind. Being an Aussie was somehow a badge of honour and we loved it. Still do. 
The Crocodile Dundee, Steve Irwin, the Leyland Brothers ... we were so Australian it was almost making Chips Rafferty look like a Pom.
We loved taking the mickey out of ourselves. We laughed with and loved Dame Edna. We cherished her like our Queen. Anyone who dared call her a man was given a boot up the arse. Edna was our FIRST LADY and we loved and love her for being our wonderful, glorious and eternally OURS.
Sir Les Patterson was a rather embarrassing chap who went on to represent us. We did not really appreciate his drooling or his unkempt clothing, but we love loved him. And still do.
Sir Barry Humphries is an Australian legend - though I have often felt his claim to fame by associating himself with Dame Edna was a tad of an over reach. 
I cannot help but think that Sir Barry should have been more respectful of his stars and less concerned about getting kudos for having discovered them. Perhaps it was a bit pompous?
That being said, we had all of this wonder and joy and delight and things like " Skippy the Bush Kangaroo " and " Coogee Bear " and the infinite celebration of being " Australian."
But something happened. We started to become unAustralian. In fact, being Australian became something rather unpleasant. We ditched roast lamb and mint sauce in favour of and favour of the Middle East.
Fish and Chips became curried or spiced and our menus, our language, our identity became different.  While the Italians, Greeks, Hungarians, Chinese and Vietnamese all embraced the gift of being Ozzie some new people started to arrive.  They, for whatever reason, did not like our way of life. Our beer drinking, fun loving, laughing, hard working, sweating and matesmanship was not to their taste.
They simply did not like us. 
They did not like our larrikin, take the piss, bugger you, have a beer mate way of life. No. 
They didn't like US.
So, they started to CHANGE us. Our historical Australian vibe. We Australlians know the value of the " vibe" . Any REAL Ozzie has watched the movie " The Castle " at least a million times. We all know who microwave Jenny is and who " Jenny Jenny " is. It is almost like a passage of Australianism to watch the " Castle".
We have changed. We are no longer the Australia of Steve Irwin. He is gone. The day he died, strangely enough, Australia died.
We are now a Nation of kebabs, curries, halal certified products, imported Chinese goods, no manufacturing and no bloody hope.
Our electricity price is through the roof. Our cost of living is beyond belief. Being Australian is Racist and - well, being Australian is bad.
In order to become a " modern Australian " one must NOT be or appear to be Australian. 
The new Australian wears a mask on her face. Just like we are now expected to do. 
The new Australian raids our supermarkets for goods to export back to their country. 
The new Australian is NOT AUSTRALIAN. This new Australian is an Invader and I find that an affront to all of us new Australians who came here for Australia, not to plunder Australia.
The Middle Eastern, Chinese and other Nationalities who come here claiming refugee status don't seem to get it it. 
When you are GIFTED this amazing thing to become and Aussie - it means you commit to becoming an Aussie. An Australian. 
Not a Syrian, a Chinese, not a Libyan, Iranian or bloody whatever else " ian". You commit to being and feeling Australian.
If you don't like it, take your female genital mutilation, your love and devotion to Mohammed, your commitment to the Communist Party of China, your prior loyalties back from whence you came.
Because I have had it.
THIS IS AUSTRALIA.  Like it or bloody leave it.
And it is time our Government saw this for what it is: China is taking us over and we have been locked down while they do it. 
Are our Governments aiding or fighting back? 
Either way, we are in for a hell of a fight.  No matter what, Australia as we knew it is dead. Unless our Government fights back against this takeover. 
But they won't. It is up to us to take our country back.  We probably won't because we are too scared of the VIRUS.  Fear is such a marvellous persuader. 
May our beautiful Nation rest in peace while it is taken over by the Moslems , the Chinese and the Left. 
RIP AUSTRALIA.  And RIP all of us who have to stand by, without guns, while it happens. Because if we do not stop this, we are stuffed. 

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