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China is flexing it’s muscle. Hong Kong is being threatened. USA is being threatened. Australia is being threatened despite already having sold out to China.

The Port of Darwin is under Chinese control for 99 years. Chinese Warships can sail in to Sydney Harbour without notice so that is good. ( If you are China. ) But what if you are Australian?

Wouldn’t that be a tiny bit concerning if you were a dinky die, true Aussie Blue mate of all things Crocodile Dundee?

Wouldn’t the fact that many University Students in Australia are from China be a tiny bit of an issue?

Well, here I go, about to talk about the elephant in the room : China in Australia. Yet President Trump is our only salvation. 

Did you know that in December 2018, Australia was hosting nearly 400,000 international higher education students?

International students account for roughly 25 per cent of all students on Australian university campuses, and approximately 10 per cent of all students now attending an Australian university hail from China.

The total number of international higher education students at Australian institutions has nearly doubled since 2008 and more than tripled since 2002.

Australia's higher education providers generated $32 billion in revenue in 2017, up from $19 billion in 2008.

Follow the money.

Did you know that the by the end of 2017, there were 525 Confucius Institutes and 1,113 Confucius Classrooms across 146 countries and regions. Australia has the third highest number of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms after the US and UK?

Did you know that the Confucius are a public educational organisation under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, whose stated aim is to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges… given that China is a Communist regime, is this compatible with University teachings in Australia – a democratic country?

Follow the money.

Did you know that in October 2015, the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port Darwin?  The Northern Territory Government granted the company a 99-year lease for A$506 million?  The contract price is more than 25 times the profit the port had earned over the preceding two years, and Landbridge also promised to invest A$200 million over a 25-year period ? And, by the way, the Shandong Landbridge Group is a privately-held company by Ye Cheng, a billionaire with close ties to the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China.

Oh, gosh, surely it cannot get any better?

But it does.

The Leftist Victorian State Government went on board with China months ago. Read my article from November last year.

Trump is tackling what has been obvious for the past year or more: he is recognizing that the Southern Hemisphere is, by stealth, being taken over by China.

Now, I know that most of you live in the Northern Hemisphere. But, from someone downunder, this half of the planet is rich with resources and ripe for the plucking.

To ignore what is happening in Hong Kong; to ignore what is happening in  Australia; to ignore what is happening in New Zealand is to do so at my peril and your peril.

China is the Stealth Dragon and President Trump sees it.

If China wins, America loses, Australia loses and the Southern Hemisphere is lost.

New Zealand, under Jacinda Ardern is already a Communist stronghold on the ready. The internet is censored. Australia is not far behind. We are censored without VPN.

To lose half of the planet to China, Communist China, is not something that President Trump wants. And neither should he.

Our current Prime Minister is an improvement on the last one but he is not in the same league as Trump.

The Southern Hemisphere is vital to the survival of the planet as a safe and democratic rule by the Will of the People.

If our Leaders, Ardern and Morrison are not up to the task, then perhaps we must rely on Trump?

America saved us in the forties. Perhaps, all these years on, we must rely on the Land of the Free to do it again?

Our sailors, soldiers and flyers fought for us. But we needed the might of America to get over the line.

I believe that we are in for the fight of our lives. Only most of us do not realise it yet.

China or USA?

I will take USA any day.

It is a shame our foolish Governments cannot see this. 


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