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written by guest poster Michael Barningham

Cast your minds back to the start of the Wuhan virus. The Chinese Communist Party was very quick to stop all travel to any other part of China from Wuhan.

But they then promptly allowed worldwide travel direct from Wuhan, spreading the infliction across the globe, virtually weaponising the virus.

They were very swift to immediately blame the local wet market as the cause of the outbreak. But they are now insisting that wet markets do not exist!

To get anywhere near to being a successful liar, you need a consistent story. The Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) concern is not and never has been how many people this latest 'gift' from China k­ills. It is all about cover up. They thought that fronting the utterances of their bought and paid for World Health Organisation, (a now proven contradiction of terminology if ever there was one), would be sufficient to silence all opposition to their obvious initial deceit.

In their ever present arrogance, by 'vanishing' all the internal whistle blowers who confirmed the CCP l­ies, while lashing out against Australia, and subverting EU criticism of their actions, they have succeeded in doing nothing but arousing worldwide suspicion of criminality on their part.


China has made no secret of the fact that they intend to become the dominant industrial and military world power. The initial method to advance their aims, has been to lull the west into thinking that they have friendly intentions, while gradually making the west dependent on their produce.

But it is now long past time for the West to reverse that scenario, supporting the produce of Western orientated nations.

I am also no supporter of the neo-Communist EU, and now make it a policy to buy only Australian, Chilean, South African and Californian wine, and continually seek to buy alternatives to all Chinese produce.

The western orientated countries must now turn inwards and start to manufacture internally, to replace products from Communist China, or how long will it be before the Chicoms turn to the next phase on their road to dominance, stepping on those who get in the way of the hubris of their propaganda machine, marching remorselessly to world conquest. I think they have clearly already started:

"...with Chinese media claiming Australia is forever making trouble."


For 'Chinese media,' read Chinese Communist Party. The answer to their threats is for Australia to stand firm. Relative to her territory,  Australia has a small population, and it is clear that the tactics of the Chinese Belt and Road subjugation would not work on Australia. Australia clearly demonstrated that, by rejecting Huawei from the outset. The Chinese obviously want the raw materials of Australia, but perhaps too, they would like the territory as well.


Chinese have been emigrating to Australia in droves. How many of them are truly refugees seeking to escape the Communist paradise? White Australians are already a minority in Sydney, given the exponentially expanding numbers of both M­uslim and Chinese, it might well now be a race between them, to see how long it is before Australia becomes a de facto province of Beijing or M­ecca?

The already massive and expanding size and capabilities of the Chinese People’s 'Liberation' Army, cannot be for defence of it's territory alone.

Federal Liberal MP Andrew Hastie warned that China is trying to change the way the Australian public thinks as diplomatic tensions ramp up.

China has threatened to boycott Australia and has even gatecrashed a federal press conference after the Federal Government called for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.

Mr Hastie told Alan Jones that those efforts are not in the interests of Australia.

“What we’ve seen this week is political warfare. Threats, disinformation, press conferences with their talking points, and it’s all designed to shape the Australian public to think their way.”


Make no mistake, China is your e­nemy. My enemy. Our enemy.


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