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I just got off the phone from speaking with a man who is so inspirational and full of common sense that I have to write about it.  He spoke in such simple and easy words, but with such passion and knowledge.  He is 77 years old and he is dangerous. Very, very dangerous.


Why? Because he is 77 years old.

You must see that there is a pattern arising here: give votes to 16 year olds, brainwash little children and withdraw aid and assistance to older people…. We have become the enemy.  Our problem is that, while our bodies may be less agile and our incomes smaller, our minds are still robust and agile. We are blessed with decades of WISDOM and COMMON SENSE and that is not good for the New World Order of Greta, Jacinda Ardern, David Hogg and the multitude of leftie luvvies who worship the god of globalism.

To be fair, there are those older people who suffer from dementia, alzheimers, drug addictive side effects and the myriad of other complaints that plague us these days. One only has to look at Jane Fonda, Bette Midler, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Robert de Niro etc to realise that, no, we are not immune to brain addling diseases that warp the mind and distort mental acumen.

In fact, my heart goes out to these poor unfortunate souls who have not realised that they are past their prime and are still feeling that they have something important to say.

God Bless them and their poor addled brains.  They deserve our sympathy.

But not our vote, support or our time.

I once knew an older lady who “ lost her way “ and she was a most sad soul. But I would not have trusted her to run the kitchen stove, let alone take any notice of her ramblings where the future of our Nation or world is concerned.  In as much as there are many young people to be admired, there are so many who I wouldn’t trust to change a light bulb, let alone the bloody planet.

Age is about wisdom and experience and the ability to articulate that wondrous gift of experience.

The man I spoke to today had that gift.

This clever man spoke to me about Australian drought; how to overcome the ravages of this natural phenomenon; he spoke about engineering, creating water flow to the heart of our dry Australian continent. He spoke of simple ways to solve our issues.

They made sense. Complete sense. Environmentally friendly and – to be honest, environmentally positive.

But his words fall on deaf ears. He is too old to have a valid view. Maybe he doesn’t have enough letters after his name. Maybe he simply does not preach the approved narrative of climate change.

I am sick and tired of hearing about climate change, people disrupting life and incomes so as to spend their days bringing hard working Australians to a standstill so that they can punch Police Horses in the face, spit on Police Officers and then declare that they are protesting in a “ non violent “ fashion.

All done whilst taking Government money on welfare and popping back home to Mum and Dad’s basement to brag about their socialist win on social media.

We real, normal and articulate, lucid “ oldies “ could teach these young bastards a thing or two. Like the man I spoke with today.

We did this thing called “ WORK “ and we had this thing called “ RESPECT “ and we also have this thing called



It seems to me that being older is a curse – not because of our less robust physical abilities, but because many of us still retain that thing called a brain and we still manage to use it rather well. We use it rather too well in the minds of those who would prefer to silence us and allow the demented, alcohol addled, drug addled or merely politically weary brains of those listed above to speak for us.

I can assure you that Robert de Niro does not speak for me. Neither does Hanoi Jane ( no, dear, we have not forgotten ) or Bette ( you did have a rather difficult time in the 70’s, didn’t you dear? ) … we older people who got on with the job of raising families and being the best people we could be, loving our Nations and despising all things counter productive to all that our loved ones  ( or selves ) fought for – we are the ones that fought for your right to hate us.

Let that sink in.

We have all had enough of stealing our children's futures, our elderly folk's memories and our present lives.


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