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While NZ Pastor Carl Bromley was out his Christchurch home was burgled. You will never guess who it was that broke into his home, messed it up and stole from him.

He came home to a burglary. His office was smashed up, his personal stuff was gone through and his firearms and ammo were taken from him a NZ Gun Owner and licence holder.


He called 111 Emergency and made a report. He then checked his calls. Guess who did it? A message was left – It was the NZ Police! He posted on social media 

"What on earth has New Zealand come to? A Totalitarian Police State? How dare they, sick, vile people.  And who cares, who will make this right?"


After watching this, all I could do was shake my head in utter disbelief and despair. The clothing and belongings seemingly strewn deliberately and uncaringly.... it looked to me like vandalism and deliberate ransacking.

 Carl Bromley is the founder of he Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship. He iinsisted on holding a church services despite the Alert Level 4 COVID-19 rules. Comparing the current COVID-19 public health measures with Nazi Germany, has said “Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right; just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Bromley is not alone in comparing the COVID legislation to the uber-regulated Nazi regime. Various anti-lockdown activists have compared New Zealand’s restrictions to the horrific Nazi regime of the 1930s.

In a social media post, Bromley says the Government is “seeking to rape me of my God-given right to worship Christ.” Like the “totalitarian foot soldier” police and the public, who “endorse and tolerate this tyranny” – should be ashamed.

“I will die on this hill if need be, by the grace and provision of God,” he says.

Among the reasons Bromley opposes the lockdown are what he sees as the disproportion to the risks associated with COVID-19 and the unrealistic notion of an elimination strategy.

He also thinks it is part of a conspiracy to encourage more vaccinations and violates human rights and the Nuremberg Code


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