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I am sitting here at three o clock in the morning and the possibility of sleep is a distant hope. The neighbours across the fence must be suffering from cabin fever or financial distress syndrome. Either way, the proverbial has hit the fan tonight. The last time I sent an article it was about little children. This time, it is about adult upon adult and it is not good. People, it seems, cannot cope very well with not being able to knock about with their mates. The stuff that is going to go down in this shut down is going to be very bad. It has already started.

A few weeks ago, a few months ago, we were all wandering about, getting our cars serviced, having a breakfast and coffee out, meeting with neighbours friends and family. Today, tonight. It is all over.

Life, as we know it, appears to be over. For now or will it be forever changed?

As I sit here, hearing the yelling of he said, she said, I think that this goes much deeper than what I am bearing witness to or what I am hearing in the voices and angry violence happening beyond my windows.

I want to call the Police but the last time I did that, I was treated like the bad person.  

So I don't call the Police anymore. 

Our world has become a mess. Why has this happened?  


The Police are no longer our Protectors. They POLICE US.  Monitor us and control us. We avoid them and fear them.  Police, in left wing Queensland, have become our Guards, not our Guardians. 


People can beat up their mates or wives or kids and they won't get involved but if we have a conversation and stand too close together that is bad - very very bad. Enter the Thought Police.

We can't have a beer together but we can line up to vote?


While Domestic Violence increases and Ms whatever her name is goes on and on about how she is protecting Queenslanders, her ruler , Ms Trad the Lad, is ruling this State with an iron fist.

So while I stay up tonight, Domestic Violence carries on and accelerates.

This is Queensland. Probably is going down throughout the world.

China is the abusive spouse who beats and blackens and is now offering a soothing balm for the wounds. This BULLY launched this  contagion upon us and is now being hailed by the left as a saviour. But without China, we would still have our old lives. And our State Government is happy to help China. 

No doubt like the victims of Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence and increasing levels of anger and anguish, our Left seem to be grateful that the ABUSER is now offering to forgive us, help us and stroke away our tears and fears. And they want us to love the very entity that gave us our wounds.

While certain Governments turn a blind eye to Domestic abuse and our Police accuse us - the victims - of having provoked the abuser, I wonder how this will end. While China offers, so graciously, to continue to buy our companies and our birthrights at markdown prices because of something that they created - well, all I can say is bugger off China. 

I want a divorce. I also want to take out a Restraining Order and have you stay away from me and my country.

I am also considering divorcing my State Rulers who seem to have been well trained by their abusive spouse, Mr China. But I can't divorce the State Government because they have changed the rules in voting to such an extent it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a Restraining Order, let alone a divorce. We have been stitched up. Good and proper. 

The Police are now our Guards and we are the inmates. In a prison that was once our home. And there does not seem to be a thing we can do about it because the Trad Government has changed the rules and can pretty much win any election they want to.

Unless we en masse say NO. 

Domestic Violence will escalate. The victims will increasingly become the guilty and the Police will stay true to the new mantra of Political Correctness so that we, day by day, become more like sheep and less like individuals.

Two years ago, I would have gone over to my neighbour, bashed on their door and told them to shut up. Tonight, I sit, quiet and alone. For fear that THEY would call the cops and I would be arrested.

Welcome to the NEW Queensland. Perfect one day and stuffed the next. 









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