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Written by anonymous. Thank you. I have edited this to make it less graphic. Since I received this article there have been issues relating to child abuse, resulting in the death of children, rape of children and deteriorating social expectations for children in Australia. . I have decided to publish it.  This is not going to go away. I received it back in November last year. I salute Senator Pauline Hanson for her speech yesterday in Parliament. This is what I received.


" This afternoon, I saw and heard a young girl being beaten by her father. I yelled out, and also the neighbour and others.  Someone rang the emergency number. Two hours later, still waiting. Meanwhile, bricks being thrown and a little girl being beaten...  

Apparently, it is OK if you are Indigenous to beat your children and beat your woman. Because it is your cultural right to do so.  No problem there.

You can throw bricks at your neighbours for yelling out and objecting to your anger and rage and violence... because you are Indigenous or Moslem or simply misunderstood.

It is just fine to beat the hell out of an 11 year old girl because you feel a cultural difference moment coming on and , when someone calls triple 000 no one comes because it is culturally different and somehow too hot to handle..

Ringing the cops and having bricks thrown at you and your home... why is this OK? Oh, because it is some sort of cultural difference and probably leads to global warming and some other nonsense. 

Sorry, but I have had it. 

I am so sick of apologising for something I had nothing to do with. Really. Honestly. Over it. 

I have lived a good life and I am now being treated like I am a bad person. 

Let me tell you more.

The cops finally arrived after about 2 hours ( on a 000 call)  and I was asked what I had done to antagonise the person beating his daughter. I said that I told him to stop beating that little girl.

I was asked if I felt that my language was appropriate. I replied " Absolutely. If you see someone beating a young girl I feel it is appropriate to say stop the f%ck what you are doing."

Now, apparently, that is bad. Very bad.

You cannot say that and certainly not where things like child abuse and Indigenous people are concerned.

The Police Officer entered my home and opened my closets and looked out my windows. The Officer asked if I smoked or took drugs. I suggested that he leave my home. Fortunately, he removed himself to my patio. 

My objection was how dare he ( apologies to little Greta ) but how dare he? How dare he make me the bad guy? 

Apparently, it is just cultural differences and the father, because he is indigenous, is somehow a poor chap who is misunderstood and life is robbing him of his Indigenous background and it is my fault for being a white person trying to ask him to treat his daughter with respect and care.

Certainly seems sad that this man, living in social housing and on Government benefits hates me. 

Because I called him out. I didn't back down.

But I ended up being the bad guy, quizzed as to whether or not I was a racist.

I had nothing to do with racism. It had everything to do with a little kid being beaten up.

So, tell me, why am I being treated like the bad guy here? Why?"

Well, there you have it.

Since then I have realised that this situation where people call Family Services, Housing Commission and Child Safety are IGNORED.  Are they too frightened, too bound up in legal ramifications? Too frightened to act? 

Or does no one care?

I do not know. But someone needs to get to the bottom of this. Children, all over Australia, are being abused and nothing is being done because the Law is stifling Justice or maybe it is as simple as they do not care?

What is it? 

As Pauline Hanson rightfully pointed out, this MUST STOP. 


 The speech starts about 1.30 mark.


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