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The latest victim of this insanity is work by the brilliant Dr Seuss who has had 6 books banned for being racially insensitive. Is Winnie the Xi somehow behind it?

Appararently, one because it "contains a controversial illustration of an Asian man holding chopsticks and a bowl of rice with the text a “Chinaman who eats with sticks."

That it was a man from China using chopsticks is immaterial – it is racist.

My kids grew up on Dr Suess.

We have reached the stage where the overreach of politicians and political activists has become laughable were it not so dangerous.

It is fine to teach our children that Julian wants to be a mermaid but not to read that a man from China eats with chopsticks!


The work of Dr Suess could certainly be updated, though I rather suspect that the modern " Cat in the Hat " would not be approved by the Democrats - not that Sniffy Joe would notice.


When I was a little girl, I read the story of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman. It was written in 1899 by the wife of an Indian Medical Services Officer, stationed in Madras. Like so many children’s books it has, over the years, become controversial and has been accused of being racist.

But these days I have long since stopped worrying about what some offended person thinks or does not think. As a child I loved it. As a Mother, I read it to my daughters and as a Grandmother, I have read it to my Grandchildren.

However, when considering the storyline today amidst the insanity of the modern political climate, this innocent story has morphed into something more akin to an allegory of modern life.

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The story, in a nutshell, is about a little Indian boy who has to go to the river every day to fill up his Grandmother’s water jug. He does not enjoy this daily trek. In fact, it scares him because in the river there lives a mugger. A crocodile who can think of nothing better than eating him.

On the way to the river one day, the boy encounters four hungry tigers. They all want to eat him. Being a resourceful young chap, he gives the tigers his clothes, shoes and umbrella in the hopes that it will spare him the fate of being Tiger tucker. The tigers are all very keen on his clothes and chase each other around a tree in order to get the goodies that they crave.

They ran so fast that they all turned into butter and the story ends with Grandma making pancakes using the ghee. ( butter).

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It reminds me of politics in many respects. We are the little lad and the politicians are the tigers, hungry for our votes.

We have given our politicians our freedom; our voice; our livelihoods and our ability to make decisions; all in the hope that they will spare us. In fact, where I used to laugh and say that they would tax our air they have gone one better and are now making masks mandatory. Forget taxing us. They just went straight to cutting our air supply off.

They are all ( the politicians ) so busy chasing their tails that they will turn into butter and sadly, that still leaves us with the crocodile in the river who still wants to eat us.

Who is the crocodile, lying in wait? China? Islam? Or both? Lying in wait and ready to devour us. Once the tigers have burned themselves out, the crocodiles will pounce.

And God help us when they do. 




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