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That my friends, is the situation in a nutshell.

I am not suggesting for one moment that being a Political Activist is wrong. Quite the contrary. If you have a strong feeling on either side of the political Great Divide, it is your right to express your view and I may not agree with you but, as Voltaire said, I defend your right to have it.

I have always been an environmentalist. I have enjoyed the great bounty that this planet has offered us: from fjords to forests; surf to sandy coves; lakes to lagoons; towering trees to tiny tadpoles; alpine air to the mossy smell of a cascading waterfall.

My heart has always been a slave to our wildlife, domestic critters and the sheer wonder of the wide open spaces – whether they be millions of acres of the Outback or the glory of the night sky when seen from a dark and isolated spot somewhere, anywhere, on this planet we call Earth.

My environmentalist belief stems from a long held commitment to Guardianship of this home we have. Our responsibility to exercise Dominion over all that share our place of residence: our DUTY to care and to protect.

It is my feeling that many “ Greenies “ aka Political Planet Predators, started out as I did and wanted to make things as fair as possible, as humane as possible, as responsible as possible and as decent as possible for all God’s creatures in this life time and for those yet to be born.

However, something happened along the way and the sneaky black spectre of socialism crept onto the shoulders of the Greens and started whispering in their ears. As time has marched on, the whispers have turned into screams and the truth just isn’t quite as intoxicating as climate hysteria – they have become junkies to the fix of fabricated non facts and falsehoods. In short, they ceased to see the forest for the trees and have ended up destroying the very environment so many of us love and wish to protect.


As a result of their hysteria and political activism, we are seeing people die, animals burned to death, homes and memories torched – not because of Climate Change – but because they refused to let those that know better the chance to do responsible backburning, brush removal, land management and environmental husbandry. Yes, Greenies, you did this.


You and you alone, with your militant “ burn stuff “ message, your encouragement of arson, your defiance in the face of common sense to worship at the altar of your god of socialism and radical zeal – you have set fire to the lives and hopes of so many in Australia and around the world. 

On November 5th the National Broadcaster in Australia aired a controversial episode of a programme where a guest said:


" I wonder what our kind of tipping point in Australia’s going to be when people will start burning stuff? I look forward to it."

Yes. And it looks like her followers sprang in to action. 

 While Miss Thunberg and David Attenborough are your prophets and your bible is the word of Stalin and Marx, you have set on a path of destruction of all that so many of us hold dear : stewardship of the land, dominionship and environmental responsibility.

Your hatred of us has seen you invade farms in the name of veganism, frighten and torment hard working families with your bully boy tactics and your unrelenting screams and tantrums that are replayed across the world.

Yet you passively ignore the cries of tortured animals being killed in halal slaughter. You passively ignore the silent scream of abortion and you turn your heads away from the mutilation of little females to satisfy a medieval monster who goes by the name of something starting with M.


You applaud the people who condemn responsible and caring men whose only crime is to be male, heterosexual and hardworking.

 You denounce coal as some sort of devil yet happily enjoy the lifestyles that only the revenues from mineral export can give you. You accept high electricity prices, unreliable power supply and an increasing gap between the rich and the poor – as long as you are rich and someone else is poor.

You do not care that people are without power supply or unable to afford to heat or cool their homes – that is conveniently put in the “ somebody else’s problem “ basket, because you have enough money to buy a generator or fly off to somewhere else when the going gets tough.

You block crews trying to clear land to prevent loss of animal and human life in order to save a rare newt or slug and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. When thousands of koalas perish, you scream for Government blood for not having done enough, conveniently forgetting it was YOU that stood in the way.

Climate Change IS weather.

Stop your irresponsible, uncaring, politically destructive posturing and get back to being Environmentally Responsible.

In other words, get sane.

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