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Shagging in the streets of Germany. When I saw it, I could not decide whether I was shocked , nauseated or simply beyond shocked or horrified. The thing that got me the most was my reaction: how would I have felt had I seen this when I was out doing my shopping today?


 Would I walk up and tear strips of the pair? Would I ring the Police? Would I laugh and take a video? Or would I simply put my head down and walk by and try to unsee what I had seen. To my shame and personal regret, I think that I would have put my head down and walked along.

I then pondered, what I often do, “ what would my late father have done? “ Oh, I KNOW what he would have done. He, as a Veteran of the Second World War, would have walked up and lambasted the pair of disgraceful people and told them to “ bugger off. “

I felt shame. Not, because I witnessed this act, but that, had I done so, I would have ignored it. My late father would have confronted the pair and dealt with it, because it was against common decency and civility. Against morality and well, bloody wrong.

This is a very troubling world that we are in folks. And I do not mean troubling, as in gee, I wish I had more twitter followers or I want to lose weight…. This is TROUBLING in capital letters, neon lights and arrows pointing towards this trend that sees decency destroyed, civility censored and commonsense consigned in to the looney bin of the left.

We have seen the Left in America mounting an increasingly toxic and dangerous campaign to unseat President Trump.

We see people, media included, disparage and ridicule anyone with Conservative values.  The rise of Gay, Lesbian, transgender and Lord knows what other rights triumph over the Rights of people who are Quiet. When I say quiet, I do not mean without a voice. I mean those that simply have their head down, arse up and work and live and try their best to be decent human beings.

I have some “ friends “ on twitter who are Gay. I have friends of twitter who are not gay. Quite frankly, I do not give a bugger what their sexual persuasion is or who they share their bed with. I DON’T CARE. IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

And that is how it should be.

What people do in the privacy of their own homes is THEIR business.

What they do on public streets is MY business.

No – what got me with this was the lack of emotion, the lack of engagement ( other than the insertion of a person’s anatomy into another person’s anatomy ) between these two people.

They were not a couple engaged in sex. They were not a couple engaged in love, lust or even an animal “heat” situation. It was just a male masturbating inside a female who happened to have the right body orifice.

My children were born from love. Desire and mutual joy.

An act that was fruitful and like harvesting blackberries and making a wonderful jam or conserve out of that happy day gathering fruit in a paddock or field and looking at the “ fruit of our labours “ as we gazed at our children and marvelled at what we had made.

We were clever cooks. Loving cooks.

Yet, here were two people, maybe strangers, on a street, in full view of all and sundry and all they made was an objectionable spectacle; a piece of perverse pornography and a piece of history that will go down as the point when we lost our desire to SEE.

Because we do turn a blind eye these days.

And, when we turn a blind eye, we allow the evil to creep in and occupy our vision.  When that happens, they take over our view of the world and we simply become blind …

Like I would have “ turned a blind eye “ had I seen this – I am really embracing becoming blind.

We must open our eyes and do, as my late father would have done, go up to the fornicating sons of bitches or the liars, cheats or politicians and say, boldly, proudly and defiantly:

“ No. No more. “

We have seen people defying normality every day. And we bow our heads and we walk on.

Is it not time to say “ ENOUGH? “ Would my late father be in prison for having said “enough.” ?

Scary thought …. Or do we continue to turn a blind eye?


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