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Isn't it lovely when we can turn the clock back to happier days.   It doesn't happen very often but it can be done.   Reunions.  Class reunions . Christmas Day. Australia Day.  Meeting up with old friends , those you lost touch with over the years.   The  fun finding out what this particular person did with their lives.   who made it, and those that unfortunately didn't.
 My son is enjoying one of those gatherings at the moment.   I have had photos of young fellows who I haven't seen for 50 years,  no longer young but I remember the fun and  enjoyment of the visits when some of these young fellows accompanied my son home for holidays.
One of the most memorable was when the Boat shed and jetty was being built on the side of a Lake,  we had just built a lovely house  on  a little inlet of a big Lake.        All the young lads turned up .   Must have been about 7 or 8 of them.      Fun for everyone.   To watch young fellows rallying around laughing and assisting in such a project was beyond pleasure.  Naturally I was the  overall Foreman , they called me the Little Red Hen......    always scratching around on the edges they said.   ….    I didn't   contribute much but they loved teasing me.  
What a lovely time , it is for  those fond  memories  when you turn back the clock.    My eldest son was an enthusiastic   sailor , loved  sailing.   The wind on lakes can be very variable  so accidents can happen very easily.    I don't remember being told about this particular accident until many years later.   You know what kids are like you only get told what they think you should  hear.   The youngest member of the family,  my daughter was with him in the yacht  and it capsized .    Caught up in the ropes and under water under the boat.   He dived down and untangled her , saved her life .  Naturally mother was not told about that.   They sailed back into the inlet , had had a lovely day out on the water.!!!! Or so I was told!
Christmas was another  very memorable time ,  we had friends who owned a property  on an  inlet surrounded by little islands.     They had old farm sheds that were used as sleeping accommodations ,   cooking arrangements on camping fires,  swimming in the sea  water , oysters and   mussel gathering , the family and different friends  all used to look forward to the yearly ritual of  the special Christmas holiday place.   I didn't like sleeping rough, and had a bed in the house with my friends.    MY  family laughed and said that is what a holiday is all about .. roughing it!
Those are the  memories  that cannot  be taken from you,  reunions bring back  those exciting times of your life.
We are often told we cannot turn the clock back, but we can enjoy the memories of what we did or activities we were involved in with our  friends and family.     Reunions are part of those   lovely memories of the past.


So why is it that the left want to destroy our past? Because the past reminds us of good times and family fun times?

I wonder. 


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