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Well Jake didn’t exactly get any accolades for his article about Scott Morrison did he?

But what did happen was quite an amazing thing. I learned that people who are Conservative don’t lambast, abuse, ridicule or issue death threats. They simply and politely disagree. No one yelled “ burn stuff” no one said F#k off and no one called me or Jake a four letter word starting in c and ending in t.

No, not one. Zero. Jake and I have spoken about this and both came to the conclusion that all is good in the world of differing opinions… until the leftie luvvies or climate activists get involved. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose and there is a bombardment of hatred, venom and violence. Isn’t that peculiar?

Only the other day, I posted a tweet about how I felt that the Same Sex Marriage referendum here in Australia – while innocent in itself, has, in my opinion, led to opening the floodgates to the militant left to use it as an excuse to advance their campaign for transgender rights, Government funded sex change, hormone therapy for children “diagnosed “ as suffering from gender dysphoria ( and I use the term diagnosed rather broadly ) and a myriad of other sexually related topics… a dear poster on twitter questioned my comment.

He is a happily married member of a same sex marriage and he is one of my favourite fellow tweeters. He felt concerned that I may be criticising Same Sex Marriage and asked me to please elaborate.

We sorted it out, without abuse and without drama. You see, that is what WE do. Sort things out and we do it nicely.


I am a heterosexual adult who holds very strong beliefs in the institution of marriage. Fidelity. The honour that is parenthood. The heartfelt belief in the Family Unit. I believe in the sanctity of life yet I also believe in the dignity of death.

I believe that all life is sacred and should be protected . But I do have a but. That BUT is so very conditional upon the preservation of dignity in death.

No person, suffering immeasurable pain and lack of dignity should be made to endure pain when their end is inevitable and is being prolonged by a medical intervention that is doing just that : prolonging the pain and agony.


No child should have his or her life terminated for the convenience of the living. If that child will be born in to pain then there must be an ability to offer a dignified ending before the suffering begins.

No animal should end its life in torture to satisfy the beliefs of a soothsayer from the Middle East who wants that poor creature to suffer as much as possible in order to gratify his blood lust. And we should not have to comply with this barbarism known as halal in order to appease the wishes of the few in our Nations and therefore offend the many.

We should not have to, as Nations, comply to the requests from other bodies like the United Nations that violate OUR beliefs, OUR traditions, OUR standards and OUR well being – no, we should not.

These ridiculous and irresponsible commitments that so many Nations have been signed up to by leaders who are being blackmailed by the left and climate activists, political activists and religious activists has to stop and stop now.

When Jake wrote his article about Scott Morrison he was not saying anything other than “ pull your finger out Scott Morrison. Stop trying to stand in the middle of the road and make a bloody decision! “

President Trump, Viktor Orban in Hungary have both had the guts to make a decision, stand by their decisions and step up to the mark and defend those decisions – made with their Nations best interests at heart.

The most important thing right now is defending the Right to free speech, free expression of opinion and the protection of those rights. We here at  defend those rights and I applaud Jake for expressing his opinion. 


Oh and PS... Tony Abbott was a great Prime Minister and IS a good man. 


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