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Last night, I watched a segment from Alan Jones on Skynews. He was talking about the drought. 

Something that the city dwellers do not understand and seemingly choose not to understand, want to understand or even see.  My heart broke as I saw this seasoned and professional broadcaster, who came from the Land, nearly break down in tears at what is happening to our farmers, our animals and our People from the bush. 

This morning, I read a series of comments on social media that made me realise that, when Feather Douglas wrote some months ago, about the Great Divide, she was spot on.




 For those of you unfamiliar with the great Mr Alan Jones, he is a well respected and much loved personality downunder. His voice is heard on Sydney Radio every morning and he is the King of DJ's in Australia.  His words are both loved and hated; his personality lauded and ridiculed. His personal life subjected to all manner of scrutiny. Is he gay? Is he not gay? I say: I don't give a bugger. 

I follow Alan Jones because he speaks to me, my values and my love of the Australia that we have been and should aspire to be. The hard working, salt of the earth mateship and decency that forged this great Nation in it's infancy. To see him break down last night brought me to tears. 

  Seriously, watch it and weep.


 Alan is coming up 80 years old and was the son of Dairy Farmers on the Darling Downs in Queensland. He has come from humble beginnings to National notoriety because of the power of his voice, his passionate love of the land and his love of justice.

His love of and for Australia.

 The animals are dying. The farmers are spent. They have nothing left to give. 

The banks have screwed them over and the MSM have abandoned the bush to the " unimportant " pile. 

State Governments have stolen - yes STOLEN their water and what little water is left is sold to overseas investors to sell back to our farmers at exhorbitant cost... and Alan Jones gets angry and our Prime Minister announces funds for counselling and weed eradication.

Well, Mr Morrison, how about announcing some money for bloody hay? Food for the animals? You can send $1 billion to Indonesia for Tsunami relief but all our farmers get is Social Workers, Psycholgists and some Roundup?  Yes, I am guilty of puffery here... but for crissakes, send some aid to our farmers for some food for them and their animals!

 I have just about had it with the warbling of Climate Change, Climate Emergency and Greta bloody Thunberg. 

I have had it with hearing about pledges to the United Nations and how we can change the world with our piddly attempts to make Malcolm Turbull's son rich and our pensioners poor trying to pay THE HIGHEST ELECTRICITY PRICES IN THE WORLD.


Sick of it. Do you hear me? I am sick of it.


I am sick and tired of being lectured about how tolerant I should be when someone wants to cut my head off in my own country; I am sick of hearing how dreadful I am for being white. I am sick of being told that I am an imposter in MY country. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Pull your finger out, Scott Morrison, and buy some bloody hay! This is the real EMERGENCY. 

Stop worrying about bringing in more people from overseas to make your budget look good and start feeding and watering the people and the animals already here. PLEASE. 

Australia will be importing food and milk from China because there will be no agricultural industry unless you stop this unnecessary and wilful - yes, wilful destruction of our agricultual sector.

We gew on the sheeps back. We are growing on the back of coal. 

Yet you are allowing the left to destroy the wealth that founded our Nation.

At this rate, the lefties will get their wish: a Nation that will be thirsty, hungry and bereft of humanity. 


And we need it now. 

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