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The image here is probably one of the most recognised in the world today.  It needs no words to explain it and no article written about it…. Yet, today, it took on a whole new meaning for me.

I saw it as an image that works two ways- both ways. You can be silent and turn a blind eye and apparently hear nothing if you are paid enough or frightened enough.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of people who have grown rich and powerful from having “ turned a blind eye. “

It can also mean, as it has traditionally been represented, as keeping a veil over unpleasant or hurtful things that could damage you or someone else.

What an amazing image, when you think about it. And one that has never been more relevant in today’s uncertain times.

 Someone, somewhere, gives someone a paper bag full of money to another “ someone somewhere”  and, in return, the recipient is obligated to see nothing, say nothing and have heard nothing.  

Beware the person who then winks and whispers… or happens to have overheard a word or two….

Miles away, a person is threatened with jail or being murdered if they speak about what they have seen or heard.  Like Tommy Robinson.

How many of us have had occasion, over the years, reason  to contact " Authorities" – again and again – over an ongoing situation with a neighbour who is of Indigenous background who appears to be neglecting the children?

Yet  nothing, zip, nadda, zilch ever happens. In fact, you ended up feeling as though you were the bad guys? 

So you make the decision to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil and keep quiet and do nothing further.

For EVIL is how you were made to feel. For speaking out and saying what you heard and saw.

The same is happening globally – for fear of being accused as racist, sexist, God knows what else.. so many of us are choosing to hide behind our keyboards and anonymous online names to vent our frustration. We no longer turn to the Police or the Authorities. We have no means to protect ourselves should we be attacked by those that we have “ dobbed in “ so we retreat and use social media or the internet to blog and vent and then… our accounts are shut down.

Meanwhile, in Globalist central Headquarters, people are growing rich and powerful by saying what they are told to say, see what they are paid to see and hearing what they want to hear or what their PAYMASTERS want them to pretend they heard. Like George Soros.....and let's be fair, George is a very generous paymaster. 

The image of the three monkeys is very relevant today in an era where we have access to more video clips, podcasts and blogs than any human has had access to information in human history.

We can hear, see and say so much, yet the globalists only want us to see, hear and say what suits them because of their quest for money, power and greed.

Those three wise monkeys are our salvation or our curse.

At present they are both.

If we cannot rely on our Authorities to act and react to breaches of law, we only have limited choices:

  • to say nothing, pretend we heard nothing and saw nothing….
  • Make a fuss and risk being charged under anti discrimination laws
  • Stand up and do a Tommy Robinson and go to prison
  • Take to Social Media and risk being banned

The Three Monkeys are symbols of not what to do but what you can also lose should you follow their advice.

You lose your RIGHT to see, your RIGHT to hear and, most importantly,


They are closing our voices down, every day, every week and we are choosing our words wisely these days.

For FEAR of being banned from the very places that we need to herald our voices.

My father once said to me that, as his body failed him in later life, all he had left was his voice. When that went, he may as well be dead.

Well, Dad, I am here, fighting for your voice and my voice and all those yet to come. Dad, you will live on forever because, when you saw evil and heard evil YOU spoke out against evil. And millions like you around the world. 

We stand united when we hear evil, see evil and witness those who speak evil. God bless you Dad.




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