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Harry Markle, the soyboy previously known as Prince – seems to have very heartfelt lamentations over this poor little place being plundered by Global Mining companies at the expense of the trapped, tortured and sad citizens and hopes that President Trump realises that it is all his fault.

Chunga Changa? Did Harry have his gullibility guage set to Off?

In a telephone conversation with whom he believed was Great Thunderberg and her papa Svante Harry ( " just call me Harry " )  said:

“It’s probably not an individual case. It’s happening all over the world.” 

Mr Megs was no doubt wiping a tear from his eye with the handkerchief so lovingly provided by his mother/ wife/ keeper/ controller/ Me again Markle.



“Unfortunately, the world is being led by some very sick people. So people like yourselves are the ones that are going to make all the difference. 

(meaning Greta and her Papa). 

“The fossil fuel industry and certain presidents are driving completely the wrong agenda. 

“I think the mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry so big in America, he has blood on his hands. 

“Because the effect that has on the climate and the island nations far away – again, out of sight, out of mind. “

Yes, poor little Chunga Changa – a victim of the brutality of Trump.

For those of you who have not heard of Chunga Changa before, it is probably because it doesn’t exist, except in the minds of Russian kiddies who have read about the mythical island in folk stories.

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That tiny fact is a problem for poor the XY chromosome deficient duped dud also known as the Suss Ex-Royal.

In fact, Greta and her papa were no where near the phone and were blissfully unaware that they were discussing the climatic and political woes of the world with Harry. He was of course, having a yarn with two Russian pranksters who must have been pissing themselves laughing as he dug himself deeper and deeper into the hole called “ hoax. “

No doubt he is now sobbing on Me Again’s lap and reaching for another hankie and hoping for her guiding hand on his back to guide him towards her wisdom and wokeful wonder.

With luck, she might let him have a beer and a steak – or at least look at a photograph of them?

Even poor Grandmama did not escape his whinging.

Referencing the Queen’s Christmas broadcast, where her Majesty said “It is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.” – old mate Hazza had this to say:

 “Small steps or giving out prizes doesn’t make any difference these days.” 

Ouch. Methinks that the Queen ( long may she reign)  will not be too impressed with the Ginger Joker after that snide reference.

amused not

All I can say is that ( as we say down under when creating names for people ) Hazza and Dazza ( also known and Harry and the dazzling Miss Markle, also known as Ginge and Cringe) Harry was out for a duck this time and I suspect that he will need to duck for cover under his wife’s eiderdown with a dummy and a cuddle blanket.

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Poor little chap – who would have thunked that he would have gone from likeable larrakin to loser in such a short period of time.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, Mummy will no doubt be avoiding a certain bedime story for Archie… Chunga Changa will be off the Library list.


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