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How I miss that beer swigging larrakin that used to be Prince Harry.  You know, the one that reminded us all of our younger brother or that friend we had in school? The one that lived life on the edge and had to come home and apologise, but always got off with a stern warning and then melted our hearts because, after all, he was only being "Harry. " I miss him. This new bloke is a bit of a bitter lemon. I prefer the naughty boy who did all the things we wanted to do, but were too afraid to do because our spouse wouldn't let us.
Prince Harry was a sad little boy when his Mother died so tragically all those years ago. Who could forget the footage of that little face and that little man walking so bravely behind his Mother's coffin? His older brother, William, beside him, both walking with their Grandfather on a journey that must have been endless in their young eyes..... how we all loved that little man at that terrible time.
He grew up to be a bit of a rascal and was able to do the things his older brother perhaps could only dream of: being a real person. Harry could get away with all sorts of transgressions. He smoked; he drank; he flirted and he partied. My, oh my, how he partied.
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Yet his adoring public laughed, smiled, and chuckled. After all, it was Harry being Harry.
In 2006, it was announced that Harry's unit was scheduled to be deployed in Iraq the following year. A public debate followed. Should he should serve there?  Defence Secretary John Reid said that he should be allowed to serve on the front line of battle zones. Harry agreed saying, "If they said 'no, you can't go front line' then I wouldn't drag my sorry ass through Sandhurst and I wouldn't be where I am now"
He went on to say "There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country."
By 2008 Harry was flying helicopters in Afghanistan. He was and is a champion of the Military,
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He is known for fighting hard and playing hard. Who could forget the infamous Las Vegas trip in 2012? The naked woman and the strip billiards? But that was Harry being Harry.
We saw Chelsy and Cressida come and go and Harry kept on being Harry.
But, in 2016, Harry met Meghan. In November 2017, Harry and Meghan were engaged. By 19 May 2018 they were married. Within a short time Meghan was pregnant. Within a short time, Harry stopped smoking, stopped drinking, stopped drinking coffee and... stopped smiling.
He  has become a dull and boring shadow of his former self.
He doesn't laugh. He is a lap dog to his wife. The son of the People's Princess, the People's Prince is no more.
Gone is that antipodean spark of old English charm and wit from his time down under; gone is his military "blokey bloke " humour; gone is his , well, his Harry ism.
He is now a teetotal non smoking pure living devoted husband and devotee to all things green and Meganesque and he is as boring as all hell.
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When your wife says that you cannot drink a coffee and that when she says "jump "you say "how high " you have to wonder.She married Harry and she ended up with a bloke who looks like Harry, talks like Harry and dresses like Harry.... but he is not Harry.
Personally, I do not care for this new, alien, imported, fabricated and Harry look a like boring version of a once much loved member of the Royal Family.
Meghan has brought the RF in to the gutter over her family issues. She has spoken out about Political issues. She is breaking protocol after protocol and Harry is standing with her and by her. And, with every month, week and day he is becoming less of a man and less of himself.
From naughty Harry he has become poor Harry. So many of us feel sorry for him. .Married to a shrew who believes that it is her way or the highway.
Poor Harry. The darling of the People to the most pitied man in the world in many cases. Boring and responsible William is now envied for his choice of wife in Kate.
That woman, Ms Meghan Markle will be the downfall of the British Monarchy and "poor Harry " will be left broke and wondering what the hell he did.
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Or maybe he is already thinking that?
There is no hope of us getting our Harry back. in so much as we cannot get our old traditions back. Harry is the symbol of the death of the old and the triumph of the new way of life.
The little lad who walked behind his Mother's coffin was in some ways a symbol of all of us: watching the death march of the old and the beginning of the new. Like Diana's death, we are seeing the marking of a time in history. Diana's death started it and Harry's marriage to Ms Markle has ended it.
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The Monarchy is dead. Great Britain is dead. What is left to discover is who is the next to pass. At the moment, I fear that it is the rest of the world, save America, and only as long as Trump is in power. For the rest of us, the lights are going out unless we can pull a rabbit out of the hat.
But I still miss Harry. Can someone, anyone, give him a beer?
More importantly, can some give him his spine back?

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