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The death toll is mounting, and I’m not talking about the people who died from (or with) Covid-19. It is the death of our values, our traditions and our freedom.

I read a comment online this morning that really resonated with me:

" When I was in elementary school we had a Bible class. In junior high we had a Bible club that had to meet after school. In high school we were told we could say a silent prayer as long as no one could hear it. I didn't realize what was happening at the time. "  @MichaelTruGrit (twitter)

Slowly, slowly the left have been chipping away. The bedrock of everything our forebears fought for has been methodically chipped away. And it is only now that many of us have woken up to the uncomfortable truth that is today's world. Our social and political ideals are being dismantled.

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In a street I know ( a quiet, pleasant community) a house is being pulled down so that a new one can be built. 

It was owned for many years by a nice old bloke who neither offended nor sought the limelight. Just a quiet man who lived his life and never bothered anyone. When he passed away, his young relatives inherited his modest home and finally decided it was best to pull the house down and rebuild something more " appropriate " to their needs. But, rather than just bringing in the demolition crew, they decided to have a house wrecking party. 

They smashed the windows, doors, trashed the furniture and spray painted graffiti on the outside of the home. The residents of this quiet and gentle neighbourhood were tormented by hours of loud music, smashing glass and cheers of delight as another door was bashed in and another window shattered.

Shattered dreams.

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No doubt much like the old man's dreams as he watched from a higher plane and lamented his decision to leave his legacy to a group of vandals.

No doubt the recipients of this decent man's hard earned dollars will have little respect for his legacy: his years of service to his Nation, his family and his sense of self.

They are too busy, no doubt drawing up the plans for the new house, the new smarter kitchen and the new solar panels on the roof and the kudos they will get for inviting their mates to their flash house. All courtesy of a man who they disrespected and insulted when they tore HIS MONUMENT down.

His home was his monument. 

As we age, we cannot help but reflect on the deeds we have done. The things we wish we had not done and those of which we are proud. 

I sincerely hope that those selfish people who not only destroyed that good man's house but also ABUSED it will one day live to say " should not have done that. "

destruction of society

Of course, it is too late.

Like the old digger's house,  our society is being demolished.

One window, one door at a time.

The left came for our unborn babies, our traditional view of marriage, our protection of the young against exploitation and abuse. Our belief in God. Our sense of community.

They started with a soft tap at the foundations of our home and now have launched in to a full on attack. They know that the foundations have been weakened and our house is ready for demolition.

The current virus has shut down our sense of community, which was always our last bastion of protection. 

As a community we need to band together, walk up the street and tell these bastards that they have to stop. Unless we do, they will not only tear the house down but the foundations of the new home will be built on quicksand. 




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