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I have been cleaning out years of stuff from the 3 rooms I call home. . One bedroom one bathroom and one lounge that doubles as a kitchen,. dining room and office. A room that also serves as a place to watch TV and kick back. 
Space is at a premium and I knew that I had to load shed some of the stuff that I have boxed up and accumulated over the years.

As I started doing the big clean out, I was walking back and forward, shoving things that meant things to me into the wheely bin. Knowing that I would never see them again.

Oh, there were things like the CD from Clive Palmer when he promised so much and delivered so little.

But there was more. So much more that I put into those wheely bins and designated to landfill. 

I put part of my life in there 

Into landfill.

The hardest thing that I got rid of was a magnificent leather case that used to hold my memories of voyages taken and experiences I have had. It traveled with me overseas and in Australia and it held such strong remembrances of loves lost and meetings held and thoughts had and, well, my past life. It travelled everywhere with me.  I took it on my business meetings and life experiences in countries that I will never see again.


I suppose you are wondering why I dumped my suitcase today?  It is because I believe that, unless I get a plunger in my arm or a probe up my arse, I will never venture outside my state or country ever again.

Of all of the things I dumped today, my magnificent leather suitcase was the hardest.

As I retrieved it from the storage shelf above my pantry and looked at it, I did actually stop for a while.

I touched it and actually shed a tear. It symbolised everything that I/ We have lost. 

That bloody suitcase suddenly became everything that we had and no longer have. It was freedom. It was the excitement and joy at setting off to venture to different cities, states or countries.

I realised that I would no longer travel unless I was prepared to have someone else's DNA shoved in my arm or have a probe detecting Batflu up my arse.


So I let my magnificent, expensive, gorgeous travel case go to landfill

Oh, I know that some of you reading this will wonder why I did not give it to someone else.

Because it was  MY case. MY memory. My tactile relationship with it. No, Far better to send it to be buried along with my rights to think, touch, feel and say.what I want to say.

In Landfill. 

Because, right now, our rights are just landfill and the bulldozers are moving in.

I did love that case though. I really did. 




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