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What have we done? More importantly, what have we ALLOWED to be done? To our Nations, our ways of life, our families and our individuality? 

One day, we will look back on this year and sigh. We will regret what we had and why we did not fight harder for what is right.

We will lament the days when life was normal, but we will never say it. All we will be able to do is gaze back with sadness and quietly, silently , think : yes, I remember that. I remember when we laughed and hugged and kissed and had our Grannies around for dinner.We won't talk about how it was before the VIRUS. We will only think about how it is now.

The days when we could speak our minds are coming to an end, unless President Trump pulls off a miracle and grabs a rabbit out of the hat.

I see nothing but defeatism and weak words of congratulations to a man that they know did not win the election in the USA. It is all political. As Governments around the world laud the appointment of a President who is so wrong, I shudder to think what could happen. , I cannot do anything other than grieve for my Nation and my American friends.

This cannot happen. This cannot occur. This cannot continue.

This MUST not continue.


Many years ago, I was on a yacht and I wrote about how I was drowning.  My brother saved me.  I wrote about how helpless I felt under that water, and how I needed someone to rescue me. I wrote:

There are too many brothers that would never dive into the water and save their sister because it might be politically incorrect. They are the brothers that would never chill their souls for fear that global warming might get the better of them or Greta might get upset or - worse still, China might get angry. . They are the People too frightened to dive in and save their loved ones, their country, and do as my brother did and set me free. If you cannot dive in to the murky waters, please stand aside and let someone else do it.

Right now,  we are drowning. In a liberal love fest that only has hatred of us at its heart. Our Leaders are not only letting us drown, they are pushing our heads under the water and hoping that we perish.

I do believe that. 

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How many have put out a helping hand that was intended to save us? How many have put out the hand with a promise of rescue, only to shove our heads back under as soon as we came up and gasped for air?

This is what I see happening at present with borders opening, closing, opening and then closing again.

If you wanted to stage manage the destruction of small business, you could not do it any better. People buy in produce, advertise their re opening and then they are kicked in the guts and told that it is not going to happen after all.

The morale of ordinary people is seeping away as we live in an increasingly uncertain world. 



The American people have had 6 weeks of uncertainty with the Presidential election. People from Australia are told that borders are open, only to be suddenly shut again, because of petty feuds between opposing State leaders. 

Plans to travel are in a constant state of flux. Life is a constant roller coaster of hope and despair.


I heard of one couple who were in Sydney visiting relatives and hastily drove through the night to get back to Queensland before the borders shut. Their Christmas family holiday plans in ruin.

We cannot go on like this. Day after day, week after week, month after month and now, possibly, year after year? 

We are drowning. We are " allowed " to come up for breath every now and again and then it is back under ... again. One day we will stop fighting and just yield to the power of the hand upon our head and say " do what you will. I may as well be dead. "

Is this what they want? Much like America at present. where, if sufficient time goes by, the people will just run out of air, run out of strength and simply stop fighting?

The minute we stop fighting and the moment we don't have that strong hand of our brother reaching out and untangling us from the ties of deceit and the bonds of treachery, we will drown. 

I suppose that is why they hate Trump so much. He is that hand that reaches down and pulls us up and tells us that it will all be OK.  No wonder they want him gone.

He is HOPE. 


And without hope, there is despair. 

With despair comes acceptance of our fate. To die a lonely death in the dark waters of defeat.

There is nothing like the death of freedom to bring hope to its knees. 

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