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You may have heard of the superstition .. if a knife accidently  drops a male is expected  to visit.  I had my son  60+ helping do the dishes this morning and a knife dropped on the floor , I reminded him of the saying.

I was enjoying a nice quiet afternoon reading  and I spotted a car pull up outside my gate so I went out to see who it was.   Two teenagers, turned out to be old neighbours who had been gone for 6 years.    They used to stop by on their way home from school say hello and play with my little Jack Russell.    Twins, who also happened to have the same birth date  as mine.   I looked at them and they were laughing and then I recognized  the lad,  his arms were out and he gave me a big hug.  We laughed and the three of us reminisced about what had happened and what the plans for the future were.   University , studying a useful course was on the  agenda and the lass was  going to TAFE,



What a difference , two well adjusted teenages not caught up with the nonsense of Climate change and drugs , going off to rallies  and dodging school and studies.   What a difference when you look at that poor example of a girl,  Greta,  with her very impressive acting and the  face pulling and crocodile tears. Shouting and abusing people for not doing what she wants.   Here were two well  presented young ones , same age, 16, calling on an old neighbor to say Hello .    The lad working towards his driver's license, and good plans for their future, what a contrast.   There is hope yet, for our future with young ones like them.  

I am sure there are many more like those two twins,  sensible , happy  and caring , aren't we lucky to live in a country where we still have families that have children we can entrust with our future.  

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