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There are those that believe that it is the woman’s choice because it is her body. Yet I wonder…. Is this unborn infant – referred to as a foetus by the woke brigade – this little person – deserving of some protection in the sanctuary of the place it calls home for 9 months?  Is this little one less deserving of protection, nourishment and the right to thrive and prosper in the only place it can call home? This child has no choice – it cannot up and leave and go to another country or city or place where it could be welcomed with open arms and a loving heart , a cuddle and a welcome mat. No, it is the only place this little one CAN call home.







I recently heard of a woman in America, an abortionist named Leah Torres, who “: joked “ that she cut the babies vocal chords so she could not hear bub scream when she ended that child's  life. Whether she was joking, misinterpreted or misunderstood, quite frankly I don’t give a shit. That anyone could use THEIR vocal chords to enunciate such a foul and horrific thing is beyond my comprehension. And she later tweeted to try and cover her tracks.


I have just watched a 1984 video made by a man who needs to be listened to. I encourage anyone who has the stomach to watch it. It is not graphic. There is no blood, no colour footage, no sensationalised emotive dialogue. Just a matter of fact run down on a grainy ultrasound recorded during an abortion of a 12 week “ foetus “

I could not really see the baby. I am not a medical person and all I could see were lines and blobs and waves of movement. No doubt family members who are radiologists and Doctors would know what they were seeing, but I could not.

But there was a point when it did not matter what I could see.

I could FEEL the panic and instinctive and desperate attempts for this little life to escape the invader in his or her place of sanctuary. The womb. As the abortionists suction instruments and other weapons of mass destruction – yes – think about it – the lines and blobs recoiled and seemed to move away from the invader.

This poor little baby was instinctively trying to hide. Yet there was nowhere to go. The little heart started to race. The emotion was palpable. I had to stop watching and tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought of that poor little person sensing that its sanctuary had become a cage and it was about to die.

 My mind went back nearly 40 years to a Nurse who was my best friend at that time. She told me that she used to volunteer to assist in abortions because she was a staunch feminist. One day, she was assisting in the abortion of a later pregnancy and the little one whimpered before dying in a kidney bowl in the operating theatre. She never assisted with another abortion.

Yet what I have just seen was on a 12 week developing baby? What the hell is it like later????

Abortion is a weapon of MASS destruction and it is regrettable to ever have to contemplate such a dreadful and horrific decision. If it is a decision made by two parents or one parent for the genuine safety or wellbeing of the mother, then, for God’s sake, and the sake of the little one, do it early.

Abortion should not be a form of birth control. These lines and swirling waves of movement trying to flee a place of danger that should be a place of safety, a heart racing to 200 beats a minute before it is finally captured and its little body suctioned prior to its small and fragile head being crushed, is nothing short of monstrous, barbaric and inhuman.


That adults whose mothers gave THEM life can now deprive others of that same RIGHT is incomprehensible to me.

As Ronald Reagan said so wisely

'I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.',

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