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I have been scanning the news from across the Western world and it is just more of the same. Everything seems to be about someone trying to shut down someone or something.

Whether it is femininazis trying to shut down men; homosexuals trying to shut down heterosexuals; socialists trying to shut down freedom of opinion; kids being brainwashed about gender; you name it, the airways are full of hatred of everything conservative and traditional.

Never in the history of our Nations have we seen such brazen bias and manipulation of our history and our cultures.

What staggers me is that we are losing this battle. Like ants overpowering an elephant, these creatures of narrow minded and toxic evil are storming and multiplying like locusts. And they are devouring what little is left of decency.

From Google to MSM, CNN to BBC and the Australian Government owned ABC to the shores of Sweden to the streets of San Francisco, everything is rotten and filled with the stench of decay of our historic identities.

Two events seemed to start this destruction, this wanton filth that is modern life: The importation of African and Middle Eastern Moslems and the adoption of same sex marriage.Is this a Religious War?

In the past 2 years, things have accelerated beyond belief. Trump’s election as President of the United States of America has been a catalyst to a Social Revolution that I cannot remember ever occurring on such a global level.

Before that, Clinton and the globalists had managed to create a stronghold – one which was about to come to its final phase . Upon the election of Clinton, their triumph would have been absolute.

But they were thwarted. By the middle American who still felt that the apple pie represented their country more than a taco or a kebab.

All of the planning and staged manipulation of opinions and tolerance levels hit a road block.

Trump fought back, on behalf of America and American citizens. As much as Trump says that he is in it for America, we, who live in other Nations, also rely on his defiance to uphold our countries values and traditional sense of identity. He has become the Leader of Commonsense and by God, the globalists are fighting back and throwing everything they can at him and his band of loyal supporters.

“ They “ know that if President Trump wins in 2020, they are buggered. He will have all the dirt that he has been collecting on their traitorous deeds and misdeeds and it will all come out. Not just in America but around the world.

Of course, it does not matter what they change in terms of social manipulation – they know that we have worked out that it is all out money and greed.

By weakening the traditional family unit, they are gaining control of the minds and Will of the next generation. Children who have been taught that Mummy and Mummy is good, that it is OK to have an adult touch them in an intimate way;  we are so worried about what we say could offend the moslems or the gays or the transgenders. We have been neutered over an issue of sex, our voices are being stifled by those that do not share our values. Yet they come here like locusts. Why? Why come here if you hate us so much?  Is it because they are coming to change us?  Is that the goal?  Yes. They are coming to change us. And changing us is what they are doing so well.

What can we do to reverse this ? How can we save our Nations, ourselves, our children and grandchildren from this creeping plague of indecency?

We cannot speak out – that is censored. Or prosecuted. Or trolled. Or banned. Or all of the mentioned.

What the hell can we do ? Well, keep talking about it. Write supportive comments to articles like this. Instead of reading, nodding and saying, silently, yes that sounds like how I feel... instead of reading and saying nothing, say something. Write something.

If you do not want your country taken over by this madness, just say No. One word. One comment. Just say No.

If you do not, people like me will die of neglect and one day you will wonder where your voice went.

It went to the rubbish bin and sewer of complacency.  How many free voices are left? People who are prepared to speak for you and themselves? We are becoming rare fruit on a withered vine.

Support those that support you.  Without people like me, you are becoming reliant on a few big players. Never forget the little man. Because he is one of you.  When my voice dies, part of your voice dies.

Keep me alive and breathe another day.

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