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The riots in Minneapolis have nothing to do with Race: It is about the eradication of OUR CULTURE under the umbrella of that horrible and tainted word : Racism.

As the Minneapolis population either hide behind their doors or roam the streets in search of mayhem and destruction, I am reading that dreaded word “ RACISM “ everywhere.  Apparently the death of George Floyd was a Racially motivated murder and had nothing to do with the fact that the cop accused of his murder was a thug and a complete and utter bastard.

We are living in a CULTURALLY divided World.

Was the murder of Justine Damond, a white Australian woman living in Minneapolis- by a black Somali Police Officer - a Racial Crime? No, he was, IMO,  just a trigger happy, poorly trained migrant who had been “ fast tracked “ BECAUSE he was Black.  Minneapolis seems to be so worried about Black Minorities that common sense no longer exists.  The Officer, Mohamed Mohamed Noor, had set off alarm bells. So much so that, in 2015, two psychiatrists and other training officers had questioned whether or not this Somali poster child should be deemed fit for duty. In fact, two months before the shooting, Noor pointed a gun at the head of a driver he had pulled over for a minor traffic violation.


The man charged with George Floyd’s murder - Derek Chauvin – is not a chap you would want to invite around for dinner with your Granny. In his 20 years of Police “ Service “ he had faced 17 complaints in relation to his behaviour. Not because he was white or because his crimes were against black people… no; because he was a brutal bastard. With anyone of any colour.


Some people live in a CULTURE of Violence or a CULTURE of Hatred. A CULTURE of Ego. A CULTURE of Dominance.

These CULTURES have nothing to do with Ethnic differences. They have Everything to do with CULTURE. 


For the vast majority of us, we have been brought up to embrace the CULTURE of work. Of decency. Traditional Values. Of a Mum and a Dad and a few kids, a cat and a dog and maybe a goldfish or turtle to create a family unit. A CULTURE of Respect and a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

If a person is brought up in a world that promotes male dominance and death to those who do not share that cultural emphatic;  or where woman are regarded as superior and that all men should die ; or where unborn babies are clusters of cells to be terminated at the whim of the “ mother “ ; or where humankind is nothing more than a Cancer on planet Earth ; or where the colour of a person’s skin is the justification for bad behaviour … these things have NOTHING to do with Race or Racism.


It has everything to do with being a Zealot, a Fanatic and a BULLY.

Vegans who storm a farmer’s property, or people who loot innocent folk’s shops and sources of livelihood are not Social Justice Warriors. They are Bullies.

These riots in Minneapolis are not protests against Racism: They are Riots for Rioting’s sake. They are bullies, troublemakers and bastards who want to destroy those of us who believe in the CULTURE of decency, hard work, Family Values, Belief in a Fair and Just God and everything that our Culture has been for hundreds of years.

They are the modern Counter Culture that was born in the 1960’s and has morphed from Flowers and Peace in to a movement of Hatred and Violence.

From a movement of Freedom to one of Suppression and a movement motivated completely and utterly by the removal of OUR CULTURE.


These riots have nothing to do with poor George Floyd.

As Lara Trump so rightly said

“ Looting is not protesting. Burning down local homes and businesses is not protesting. How sad that the memory of #George Floyd has been lost in this “

But is this not the way things are these days? The event has little to do with the trigger.

No reasons, merely excuses.

This was not a Racial attack and neither was the murder of Justine Damond. It had nothing to do with Race.

This is a Culture War. Fueled by the Vultures who are circling around the dying corpse of Decency and Traditional Values.


Reject cries of Racism and call it what it is : Counter Culturalism. With the backing of people like George Soros - who, by his own admission, seeks to destroy our Culture, we are in a right mess. Aided and abetted by those who hate Trump, hate decency and hate us. 

Most decent traditional hardworking people are colour blind. But we are not blind to injustice. Injustice has no colour.




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