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I wonder how Jake the Muss is going to react in a few years time if he adopts “ Bully “ as his mate?

Because we all know how that went down.

We all remember the movie “ Once Were Warriors”

The Patriach who epitomised Domestic Violence, Alcohol Abuse, abandonment of traditional values; set against his ever strong wife, his defiant and rebellious son, his gentle daughter and his ever present mate Bully.

The son headed off to join a gang in order to find the tribe he had lost and Grace, his daughter, finding solace in the written word and escapism of a joint, under a bridge, in a car, with a mate, far away from home.

It is only when the younger son finds himself in trouble for petty crimes and sent to a foster home to reconnect to his Maori roots that the family suddenly finds themselves confronted with Reality.

The Wife seeks escape in her insane world and Grace – well, we all know what happened to Grace. The innocent that, because she never mucked up, stepped out of line, said anything or did anything wrong; was swallowed up in a sea of turbulence that she had tried to ignore but failed to speak out against. For fear?

It is only their younger son who goes back to his Heritage, reluctantly, and finds his Pride, his History and his sense of Identity that he became the catalyst for Change. As we hope that all of our young people do.

The older son did not need a new tribe. He already had one.

Jake did not need a Bully in his life, a false friend. He had a friend within his Whanau. As we all do. Family is everything.

Can we not bring back the Maori Battalion?  Once were Warriors? Or still Warriors? Can we not bring back a sense of Pride in our Heritage, our history and our sense of Identity?

Can we not become Catalysts for Change? Back to Normality?

Do WE have to have a Grace , the sacrificial lamb, the daughter, the innocent, the pure, who pays the price in order to bring realisation to our Family of Kiwi’s?

Are we prepared to see New Zealand and Australia turned in to a real time, countrywide Once Were Warriors whereby the Bully has taken over? Will the Jake’s allow that or will they join Bully? Will Bully overthrow Jake?

The Mongrel Mob and Cindy in NZ appear to feel that Bully is the good guy in this scenario playing out in New Zealand.

How I hope that the majority of New Zealanders  remember that real family and real tradition are all that will keep all our “ Graces “ safe.

If Jake the Muss joins with Bully, then God help Grace, because no one else will.  Are we prepared for Jake to unite with Bully?


Does New Zealand need to smash a beer bottle?





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