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One of the most iconic movies of the 1980's was one called Dirty Dancing. It is hard to imagine that it was made 35 odd years ago, yet still remains a cult classic. One of the lines from the movie was " Nobody puts Baby in the corner. " 

And it brought to what is happening around the world at the moment. 

Everyone is putting Baby in the corner. 

We need to fight for Baby.


Of course, the big question is, who or what is Baby? Well, I guess it is who or what we love and care about the most. That precious thing that we value and cherish and would give our lives to protect. If I was a teacher and asked a question " Who is Baby? " I would get a myriad of different answers.

It might be my pet; my home; my job; my parents; we all have a loved one that means so much to us. Many of us have multiple " Babies" .

Our love of our country and our love of our state. Our love of our family and our love of our children. It might be our Faith in a Power Greater than Ourselves. 

All are important and pivotal in our parental sense of protecting that or those we love.


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Over the few short years I have been writing this blog and sharing it with contributors and commentators alike, I have come to realise that we all have a Baby or Babies that are so important to us that we would move Heaven and Earth to defend them. I am a great defender of free speech but I also defend an individual right's to defend against attack.


Herein lies the problem in the so-called modern era. Our right to self defend is being diminished. We are being increasingly deprived of our right to protect that and those we hold dear. Our babies are being put in the corner.

Abortion rates are skyrocketing. Our elderly are being put in the corner, alone and neglected. Animals, under the guise of cultural tolerance, are being butchered by thugs. Youngsters are being trafficked by sexual predators. Our way of life has been sabotaged and destroyed by activist groups.


What has been happening since the scourge of the Fear Virus is that people are putting Baby in the Corner and are so preoccupied with the virus that all sense of rational thought and hitherto instinctive protective mechanisms have gone out the window. 

Women are putting babies at risk by getting vaccinated. People are so full of fear that they would prefer to alienate themselves from their loved ones - just in case they might get INFECTED.

Baby has been put in the corner and Patrick Swayze could dance all night and still not convince people to get out on the dancefloor of life again.  They are too frightened. 


Everything is about being INFECTED these days. Infected by fear, intimidation and intolerance. 

But I have to ask. What or who are the Left's Babies?

Babies that the Left choose to abort and willingly see die in a petrie dish or in a state of dismemberment? Their countries? Their rights? Their cultural heritage? All being murdered by selfish ill informed people who think that it is their way or no way at all. They don't care about us or anything we value and cherish.

The Left don't understand the concept of parenthood and love. They only know hate. 

The rights of NORMAL people to exist in a Nation or even exist in society as a whole are seen as worthless. 


The Left have no babies. In fact, they see only themselves and are so full of ME ME ME that they have completely lost sight of anyone or anything but themselves

Our cherished and loved babies have been put in a corner.


These are our Babies. These are the babies that we choose to NOT PUT IN THE CORNER.



 How can we save them and not see them languish in a corner and never again see the light of day? 

By saying " Baby will NEVER BE PUT IN THE CORNER. "

Unless we stand up for Baby, our Babies, our cherished children named Rights, Decency, Respect, Honour, Patriotism and Freedom, these Babies of ours will perish in the petrie dish of having been aborted by an uncaring Left who have no idea what it is to love. All they know is how to hate.

People often think that Love is not that much good when fighting hate. After all, how can someone overcome violence and hate with something so simplistic as Love?


 We had it. In our grasp. It was ours and we had a glimmer of hope. And, in a heartbeat of hours, it was stolen.

The 2020 election was the guillotine on the entire western world.  

It was the and is the turning point in modern history. The moment that Baby was put back in the corner and the dancers were too afraid to dance. the patriots afraid to cheer and the rights, respect, honour and decency were dispatched to the backburner. It was the night that Democracy died. 

Throughout the world.

What I saw in Trump was love and it will always be more powerful than hate. But we have to fight for it. 

I am up for the fight. 


Because we are in for a fight and it is not just for us. It for our Babies and we do not want them put in a corner. 

Maybe it is time for some Dirty Dancing. But we can only do it if we trust each other, support each other and have the strength to let our babies shine. 




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