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As has been the case since the beginning of the now iconic “ Trump Rallies “ I watched on RSBN and got my dose of therapy from the sheer energy of President Trump, his supporters and his ability to create a “ vibe”. The atmosphere is beyond belief.  As I sit, in my living room, thousands of miles away, as a non American, I marvel at this man and how he can lift my spirits.

When all seems hopeless here in Australia when my faith in Politicians and Leaders is at an all time low, I watch a Trump Rally and I feel happy, excited and hopeful for the future. How the hell does he do it?

I guess HE doesn’t. I do. But he EMPOWERS me to do it.




He just speaks from his heart and “ rallies the troops”. Much like the old fashioned characters of history like William Wallace did, when they were about to go in to battle. Much like my Dad did. Much like my Mum still does.

President Trump is fondly called “ Daddy “ by his many millions of supporters.  To some, it almost sounds sinister. But it isn’t.

He is a father figure. It is a term of endearment. It acknowledges those things that we so admire in our parents:


I suppose that is why I admire this man so much: His honesty, his respect and his loyalty to the People he was elected to represent.  To suggest otherwise, as the democRATs do on an ad nauseum daily basis, is ridiculous.

He is one of the few Presidents to enter office with more money than he will leave… go figure that out all you Trump haters.

It is simply beyond comprehension how cleverly and sincerely he can be authoritative, humble, witty, sensitive yet strong… he astonishes me every time I see him, listen to him and see him.

One thing he said tonight was so impactive.


Oh, how he hit the nail on the head with that!  My late father always spoke of the importance of taking responsibility for my actions.

But The leftie luvvies want to introduce the Nanny State whereby people abdicate personal responsibility to the Government because they are too weak, useless and fragile to take responsibility for their own actions.

If they glue themselves to a road, stand on top of a train or cry because the world is ending and Chicken Little was right… they want the Government to step in and rescue them and keep them safe.

Our Police are now their Nannies, ready to pick them up and soothe them when they fall out of their prams after a monstrous paddy throw. If they bump their heads or feel a tiny bit upset, the Government must change the rules to protect their bruised little egos and their miserable, useless, empty and twisted lives.

Grown men think that they can have a monthly menstrual cycle. What happens? They get free tampons and pads.

International Pronoun Day? Give me a bloody break!  No more exams in schools in Australia because it might upset some who fail?  Women use abortion as birth control…

President Trump is right: WE NEED to take personal responsibility. And I find it staggering that it needs to be spelled out.

He also talked about the Nation of America being founded on the efforts of toughest men and strongest women. Yet we now see the monuments to their toughness and strength being torn down or defaced… the destruction of their heritage and legacy.

OUR heritage and legacy.

Almost every western Nation is under attack from those that seek to destroy our personal responsibility, our heritage and our legacy from those who gave so much for us to be living the lives we enjoy today.

It is time to restore our public monuments. It is time to restore our self respect, the respect for others and the fundamental foundation:

Respect, Honesty and Loyalty.

Respect for self and others. Honesty in the media and Politics and with oneself. Loyalty to one’s Country, one’s family and oneself.

Personal Responsibility.

If you rob a store, try to enter a country illegally, you are a criminal. Accept the punishment.

Don’t manipulate the law to let Nanny kiss your forehead and send you off to bed with a lullaby and tell you it will all be OK.

Because Nanny is turning you in to a spoiled brat who will, inevitably, throw such a tantrum that you will murder her, your parents and anyone else who dares to stop you from being a nasty little shit.

Trump spoke about “ tough love “ tonight.

The snowflakes need some tough love and daddy Trump is looking rather good at sending the naughty kids to bed without any supper.

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