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This article reprinted with permission from righttolife UK

Over 30,000 New Zealanders have signed a petition urging the Government to hold a referendum giving the people of New Zealand an opportunity to repeal the extreme abortion legislation which passed earlier this year.

On 18 March, New Zealand MPs voted to introduce the world’s most severe abortion law in the world by 68 votes to 51.

The new law scraps the previous 20-week limit and will allow terminations on-demand, for any reason, up to birth.

Additionally, there is now no requirement doctors must be involved with an abortion ‘procedure’ and MPs – including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – voted against an amendment requiring medical care for babies born alive after a ‘failed’ termination.

The new law has also legalised sex-selective abortion.

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In 1971 there was a time I was dying. In a yacht on Lake Tarawera. And my brother saved me. I was a young girl in my yacht with my brother. We canned out and I, like my brother, fell into the dark and cold gloom of Lake New Zealand's North Island. It did not matter where it happened, but that it happened. 

We were going to die. Cold water. Deep, cold, dark and endless water. 

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I have been moved to write about one of the world's most iconic food staples - the Hamburger. All because of a fellow tweeter @eileentoomeywright, who dared to say that pineapple and beetroot do not belong on the same burger. In fact , Eileen is garnering support for her #burgergate conspiracy theory and this is the time to set the record straight. 

Now, as many fellow Conservative tweeters know, Elieen is a recognised afficiendo of all things flavourful and cooked, baked and blended. I often agree with  Eileen but on this ocassion, the gauntlet has been hurled and I have picked it up. Nay, I have swooped on it and it is frying pans at 10 paces... must keep those social distancing laws in place.

Well, here is my response young lady. You cheeky rabbit. 

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Back in the 1990’s I was asked to “ help out “ at an educational facility in the " balmy " southern city of Invercargill in New Zealand. Just a few months, over winter, to be a relief teacher for someone who was “ sick. “ I obliged.

When I fronted up, I discovered that my predecessor was on sick leave because of a nervous breakdown from teaching the classes I was taking over. Strange how that wee fact was left out. As the cool April weather closed in, the days shortened and the southerlies blew in from Antarctica, I began one of the most memorable attacks of frostbite I have ever had. OK, chillblains, but you get my drift.

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As the world descends in to the twilight zone, I would feel so sad and ashamed to call myself a woman. To have world leaders like Ms Ardern from New Zealand, Ms Merkel from Germany, Ms Trudeau from Canada and Ms Macron from France leading us into social collapse, I wonder how the hell it happened.

Some of you may wonder why I include Justin aka Justine and Emmanuel aka Emilie in the list of those ladies who have led me to their shame. We’ll, because these days, in these enlightened times, I' m allowed to identify them as women and they can’t do a damned thing about it because there are about 62 genders on offer right now.

We have seen shortages of toilet paper and tissues; shortages of rice, pasta and meat. But there have been no shortages of genders, effeminised men, experts in climate change, sex change and masturbation lecturers to kindy kids.

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You've got to hand it to China. When it is attacked, it comes out with all barrels blazing. Like all bullies, it can’t stand criticism and if one of the normal kids stands up for him or herself, that bully gets down and dirty really fast.

There was a time when you could go to the teacher and tell the teacher that the bully was picking on you. But not these days. The staffroom is full of teachers who are the school bully’s biggest fans.

There is a bully in the China Shop. In fact, the Bully runs one of the only shops in town.

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When you cannot object, you become an object.

As Mothers, no matter what age, we have this tendency to care, to nourish and to nurture. I do not want to have to take a vaccine against my will. I do not want to be forced to be microchipped. I do not want to mass medicated.

And I reckon most Dads feel exactly the same way. 

Back in 1977, I made the headlines in my local newspaper. I was the unidentified blonde woman who brought a local Council meeting to an abrupt conclusion. How? I disagreed with the Council’s acquisition of a water fluoridation plant on the grounds that it was mass medication – and I wasn’t having a bar of it.

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Some time ago, Missy wrote about her experience at a prison in the 90’s. How some people went from friend to foe in a matter of hours.  How, once some people’s inner bully is released, it never goes back to slumber mode.

The Police around the world – not all and I stress that – have risen to this opportunity to unleash that part of their nature that enjoys subjugating their fellows and relishes an opportunity to laud power of the powerless. Where peers become victims and those that they should protect become prey.

Throughout the world, Police have been instructed to ENFORCE Social Distancing.

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I live opposite a school In Queensland. This morning, the little ones aged from 5 to about 7 years old are arriving back to have their first day in the classroom for what seems to have been an eternity. I went outside to watch the Mums and Dads pulling up, dropping their little boys and girls off and I smiled. The sound of their excited chatter soon filled the air. 

Then something happened. A little girl was standing at the pedestrian crossing and while she was waiting, another little girl called out and started running towards the first one. The first girl looked up and spotted her friend running down the footpath. They squealed with delight and, as they met, they wrapped their arms around each other so tightly that it seemed they never wanted to stop. 

And I started to cry. 

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My late Uncle taught me that if I was not prepared to lose it, don’t risk it. They are wise words indeed, particularly in light of what we are currently experiencing and enduring.

He was talking about a time when I went to him with a business idea. I was seeking feedback from older relatives about whether or not I should mortgage our family home in order to start a business venture. It was something I felt would be a real winner, a great idea and sure to succeed.

I had done my business plan, my projections and looked at the market need. It all looked profoundly  positive and I suppose, in retrospect I was not so much looking for feedback of a critical nature, but one that patted me on the back for having been so brilliant as to come up with this gap in the market.

I went to see my Uncle and asked for his input and opinion.

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The biggest theme in all this  Chinese flu business is wash your hands.     Which made me wonder how something so basic is now having to be told to people?     Have we all over the world become a people of  neglect?   Are Nursing Homes hardest hit because people are elderly and frail or because the basic hygiene has left a lot to be desired?  

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