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In 1929, Joseph Stalin was hell-bent on getting the farmers to forfeit their rights to own their farms. The state would gain ownership of their land and they would end up working for the government. In order to carry out his plan, he ordered that the grain production regions of Russia and  Kazakhstan be the focus of his attention. 

Accordingly, a certain percentage of their produce would be funneled to the state. If any farmers resisted they were punished.


Like the childhood rhyme " Stack on the mill, more on still " , the state demanded more and more of the cut from the farmers until it meant that there was so little grain left for the farmers that they were starving. By 1932, farmers were required to give 60% of their grain to the state. If they failed to meet their quota, they were imprisoned. The prison camps were overflowing. The people were starving. 

The term Holodomor a combination of the Ukrainian words holod (hunger), and mor (extermination). The famine resulted in the deaths of millions of people by 1934.

Over the past decade or more, our farmers in Australia have been ravaged by drought. They sat helplessly as water flowed through their land and their stock died of thirst. Why? Because of something that happened in 2007.


 In 2007, the then Minister for the Environment Malcolm Turnbull oversaw the passing of the 2007 Water Act which separated water from the land. Water, in a drought-plagued continent like Australia, became a tradeable commodity.

By 2019, Australian water is 10% owned by China. 


Sources: Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land 2018 and Register of Foreign Ownership of Water Entitlements 2018, Australian Taxation Office, Foreign Investment Review Board Annual Report 2017–18 


  • 85% of foreign-owned land is held for livestock purposes.


  • 9.4% of the Murray Darling Basin’s water entitlements have a level of foreign interest ownership.

 Interestingly, 18 % of Queensland's water is owned for foreign interests. I wonder if this is why there is a reluctance to build dams? It will only enrich foreigners? Who knows?

Farmers had to shoot their stock, their breeding stock and wept as their families suffered the cruel and agonising realisation that they would lose their livelihoods and homes.

Our land was snapped up by Chinese investors. Our dairy farms closed down because it cost more to produce milk than they could sell it for.


While the government had the so-called watchdog of the Foreign Investment Review Board, the swoop of the overseas vultures continued and our country is being " sold down the river " with barely an eyelid blinked.

While much of inland Australia is still in drought, some areas received welcome rain and were about to harvest grain crops that could have rescued their fragile operations.

But with the rain, came the mice.


Millions and millions and millions of them. Eating the grain, eating the books in the school rooms and rampaging through the bushies very beds.


South Western NSW is being overwhelmed with a mouse plague that is in excess of a billion of these hungry vermin. People are at breaking point.

Meanwhile, in Canberra, the government is reassuring them that they have not been forgotten.

Yeah, right. I have heard it all before. 

Our rural sector has been under attack by nature, but with a little bit of help from the government. Canberra is generous with their thoughts and prayers, but, with someone like McCormack in charge of the National Party, I doubt that even they are high on his list of priorities.

For some reason, it is more important to worry about gender quotas and late night bonks in Parliament House than spare a thought for our rural sector. 

In the latest budget, our charity has been spread far and wide with lavish gifts of millions to overseas nations. Yet our bushies are largely ignored.


It is almost as if they want the rural sector to be sold off to China. Just like our water was back in 2007.

Which brings me back to the beginning. The Holodomor horror that was inflicted by Stalin back 90 odd years ago.

It is said that our Nation was born on the sheep's back.

Our government, past and present, have brought starvation to our stock and brought our farmers to their knees.

Covid has broken the back of our economy.

China must be patting themselves on the back for having bought our water, our land, our infrastructure and our ports. All without firing a shot.


And all with our government's consent and support.

Recently, America was cheated of elected governance. In a few short months, the surging American economy is in tatters. The Middle East is a powder keg. 

All around the western world we are witnessing a complete meltdown of our civil liberties and our traditional values. 

But I have to wonder how the leftie luvvies in the cities will feel when, like Venezuela, there is nothing to eat and, unless you are employed by the state, there will be no work.


The mincing lefties will have no champers, no avocadoes and no milk for their lattes. Even their almond milk will be gone.

Perhaps their latest craze to ban oil and coal and meat will be fulfilled. It will be back to walking ( the horses will be dead of starvation or eaten ) and they will be dressed in rags and praying for a locust plague. After all, that might be all that is left to eat.


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