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Latest news … Little kids are so mixed up they wonder why they can't be called a girl   or a little boy,   because they feel that is what they are.   A little boy  or a little girl.
 It is time the sensible people on this earth looked into the reason why so many young ones decide they want to change sex.   President Biden is all for it and will even provide  money to help this take place.    Hormone treatment !   He would be better spending any money on WHY this is happening.   If indeed it is , and it is not just stupid parents  initiating  this madness.  
When you get people in Government who push ideas of we cannot use the words  he , she, woman, man, all the names which let us know who we may be speaking about  , what utter nonsense.  And, the worse part is we are allowing these crazy people to order us around.  
How can a little boy or little girl at the tender age of 5 or 6  .. 10 or 11 … 14 or 15 decide they are really someone of the opposite  sex.     Then the needles come out and the medicine appears to correct this terrible error.   Just because  he likes dancing or she likes climbing trees.     Or they both like playing soldiers and firing pretend guns.   How many of us have done  exactly that and there was never any hint of … oh dear he/she  must be the wrong sex.   
The sensible thing would be to look into the reason why  ?    Is there something in the vaccines that little children get?   Are we feeding them some concoction of foods that is encouraging this to happen?   When that has been done  with no result  , then look at the parents of these children , are they to blame.   Every so often you do get Mothers who say I wanted a girl and had a boy and do their utmost  to see if they can get that change over executed.     Executed is probably the correct word too,  executing that child's life for ever.  
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Several years down the line that victim will wonder what on earth has been done to him or her.   How could their parents have allowed this mutilation to take place?     Is it any difference to both men and women voting for full term abortion? If a "mother to be" cannot make up her mind in the first couple of months that she does not want that growing little baby then is the time to abandon it,  not when it is fully developed and ready to enter this world.   Murder  is the only word I can come up with and it is condoned!
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Maybe a lot of this changing of sex came about when it was decided that you could abort a baby if it was not the sex you desired.   Then when you read that a lot of different uses have been found to  use these little baby parts it is nothing short of horrifying ,  How can normal people allow this barbaric behaviour?   Can we not go back to accepting what God has given us in the way of a little boy or a little girl and not meddle with things that should be left well alone.   Check the ingredients  of all foods, make sure baby and young children's vaccines are totally free of anything suspect,   make sure our water is as pure as possible and has not additives that should not be there.
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 In other words clean up our act of looking after our up and coming youth ,  leave their sexual parts and feelings alone ,  let nature take its course and as adults they can decide what  the future holds.    Rather than Sex being the key word let Romance back into our lives.  
 Love and  laughter , fun with your little ones that is what we should be aiming for, enjoying your  children's teen years  , that way they will approach adulthood with clear and open minds.

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