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Since China unleashed its Batflu all those months ago, we have witnessed the transformation of our lives and our societies at a pace that is alarming. 2 weeks to flatten the curve has morphed into a roller coaster ride and a nauseating merry go round in the political circus that now rules our lives.

For a circus it is, and we are being controlled by the Ringmaster who increasingly yells " Roll up! Roll up! Roll up your sleeves!"

We are being locked up, locked down, whipped into submission through fear and MSM propaganda. 


The man on the street corner who used to wave his hand-made sign declaring that the end of the world is nigh has been replaced by cleverly worded, professionally written signs that warn us that we are not safe and not capable of making decisions for our own safety and well being.

Our political and health " leaders " have exploited this virus to achieve the previously unachievable: total obedience from a compliant and brainwashed public. 


So many people are now of the opinion that the virus was invented in order to get people to take the vaccine which is the true virus. 

Since the Batflu became the Wuflu and then Covid-19, I do not feel that I am alone in looking at the fallout from this disaster that has talons that reach far beyond the flu and have penetrated every single aspect of our lives.

 " Two weeks to flatten the curve " and " we are all in this together  " have become two of the biggest lies of recent years. Right up there with " Joe Biden got 81 million votes " but that is another story....though, to be fair, postal votes did enable the fraud and the postal votes were enabled because of the virus....  

I still remember those early days when leaving your home was frowned upon unless you had to buy food or essential items. When toilet paper was more valuable than gold and the shelves were stripped of rice, pasta or canned goods. 


A long 15 months ago. But, we reassured each other, it was 2 weeks so that we could flatten the curve.

Shaking hands or having a hug were forbidden Meeting other people was met with arrest  Schools were closed. Borders slammed shut. Aeroplanes were mothballed. The entire world ground to a halt. The news became a non-stop terror attack on our sense of security and well-being. Our jobs were lost and our governments told us it was for " our own good. "


Global economies were destroyed. Lives destroyed. Families disconnected. People were cowered in fear because we were being bombarded with fear from every direction.

 The global alarmists had already told our children that they would be dead in 9 years if we didn't stop using coal or eating meat. Now they were locked in their homes and told that they could die if they saw their friends.

Our elderly sat alone in nursing homes and in the solitary confinement of their apartments or houses.


Struggling families had to adapt to reduced incomes and the constant fear of an uncertain financial future. Businesses were locked up and abandoned " until further notice. " People cried as they mourned their loved ones from afar and through the prisons of glass and masks and hazmat suits. People died, not of Covid, but because they were denied access to a hospital because it was across a closed border in another state. Animals perished from hunger because fodder could not be brought across state lines to feed the starving stock.


Sarah Caisip saw her dad for the last time after his funeral

As time went by, the governments and health officials started giving us back a few of our RIGHTS. If we were well behaved and did what we were told, we might be allowed to go to a funeral or a family gathering or a wedding. But only in small numbers and if we didn't go near each other. We could sit in isolation but not dance. We could sit down but not stand up.

In short, we could jump, but we would have to ask someone in government " how high?" But. more often than not it is a matter of



All these months later, our borders are largely shut, unless you are rich, famous or know someone rich or famous. Our internal state borders are open unless someone decides they need to shut for a few days, which normally happens when an important day is about to be celebrated where people might, heaven forbid, meet other people or actually make some money.

There have been many silent victims of this virus. Those who were too fearful to go to a Doctor to have a health checkup and have lost their lives through lack of diagnosis and treatment.

Those who are dying, not of the virus, but from the depression brought on by the social and economic stranglehold placed on them.

People have and are abandoning the cities in favour of smaller, safer regional areas. The property values in those places are skyrocketing and people can no longer afford rent. They are becoming homeless because they have no money to pay for a roof over their head.


In the past week, I have heard of one woman in her eighties with nowhere to live. A young family who cannot afford the rent increase on their home. A young mother with a young son who has just been served notice because the rent is going up and she is unable to pay the increase.

In fact, I know more people made homeless by this virus than I do people who have had the virus.

That should frighten all of us.

The pressure to get the jab is so great that families are being divided, yet again. This time by those who roll up to roll up their sleeves and get injected with who knows what ... and those who say " no, not for me. Too many side effects and too many unknowns." 


Threats that we will not be " allowed " to go to certain places or do certain things if we do not get the vaccine are increasing.

Two weeks to flatten the curve was the entree to the main course: the complete takeover of our freedom of movement and freedom to think for ourselves.


I suspect that the only people getting dessert will be the fat cats in parliament celebrating a job well done and another sell-out performance to the circus that has become our world. Sadly, I doubt that they will be getting their just deserts. Because if we don't start fighting back, the reward that they are giving us will be our punishment for daring to believe that we are all in this together and it would only be 2 weeks to flatten the curve.


It has been a long 2 weeks and we are definitely NOT all in this together. 

The big question however is this: 

Who is the Ringleader of this circus? Soros? Xi? Gates? Zuckerberg?

Or are they ALL in this together?









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