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Spare a thought for World War Two veteran Captain Tom Moore who was appointed to the rank of honorary colonel on his 100th birthday. We all have heard of his amazing efforts fundraising for the British National Health service but has anyone stopped and thought about what Captain Moore has seen in his amazing 100 years of this Earth?

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We are seeing the faces of entire Nations, the history and the future undergo a complete makeover. It is not being done with lipstick, cosmetics or skin treatments at a day spa. It is a deliberate transformation. A completely new face. We are part of a full transformation and if it does not scare you, it should. 
The latest trend is making wearing masks trendy.. Tattoos have distorted our perception of a healthy human body and now we are being encouraged to hide our faces. Seriously, what the hell is going on? The honesty of a normal human being who ages naturally and wears wrinkles, body imperfections as a natural part of life - all disappearing in to a sea of fear and misinformation.
But we have a bigger problem at hand: distortion.  The distortion of Truth. 

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This article was written back in 2018. It is quite frightening how it has come to pass.I am also reminded of this: Tony Abbott warned us 15 years ago.

Mass Migration and Open Borders -  recipe for a worldwide epidemic?

Every time an unscreened refugee or migrant arrives in our country, are we being putting at risk?.

Do our Governments have an obligation to protect us from the United Nations Open Borders Policy?

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It’s all about Trump

Remember when Donald Trump came up with this great campaign slogan “ Make America Great Again “ ? His vision of doing the impossible – to fix the mess that 8 years of Obama Governance created and bring the American economy back from the dead.

In his last two years in office, Obama claimed that  “ 2% growth was the best we could hope for ‘. In his last year as President, Obama claimed that Trump's proposed tax cuts and deregulation “ would only make things worse.”

Well, they didn’t. In fact, America was soaring like an Eagle … until the Wuflu swooped in like a wind turbine and chopped that Eagle down.

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The Wuflu was deliberately hatched in China and Chinese people who are infected are sent out to spread the “ message “.

Hubei Province, riddled with the infection, is shut off from the rest of China but flights continue from Wuhan to the rest of the Globe.

This has the effect of shutting down Global Economies and bringing the west to a standstill. We are all on “ hold “ in that circle of “ your call is important to us – please keep holding. Do not hang up because you will lose your place in the queue. “

So we sit, on hold, waiting and waiting and hoping that we will be answered.

Meanwhile, behind the recorded message, the Powers that Be are racing around trying to find out what the hell is going on and how they fix the mess.

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Some time ago, I wrote an article about New Zealand’s role in the Global events we are seeing unfolding. It was largely ignored, because it was written long before the WuFlu destruction of our economies and long before we knew what was going on throughout the world.

It was about a rocket launching facility on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. When I re read it, it was like a portent of grim things to come.

We are about to face one of the biggest awakenings in our history. The attempt to take down a duly elected President of the United States of America.


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written by guest poster Michael Barningham

Cast your minds back to the start of the Wuhan virus. The Chinese Communist Party was very quick to stop all travel to any other part of China from Wuhan.

But they then promptly allowed worldwide travel direct from Wuhan, spreading the infliction across the globe, virtually weaponising the virus.

They were very swift to immediately blame the local wet market as the cause of the outbreak. But they are now insisting that wet markets do not exist!

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On the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's discovery of the east coast of Australia its worth asking ... what was Cook doing here? He certainly wasn't looking for Australia (or New Holland as it was then known) as Europeans had known it existed since the 1500's.  Like many other Europeans before him, Cook was searching for the fabled land of Terra Australis.

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Last night, I watched a 2013 movie from Russia " Stalingrad" It was a subtitled movie not to be confused with others of the same name. Set in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, it focuses on 5 Russian soldiers defending a building against the German occupational forces.  I am a history buff. I have to say that of late I am watching many war movies and not so much enjoying them but learning from them

How have we had so many lessons delivered remotely and ignored them? How have we forgiven and had so much forgotten? Why is history being wiped from our young people's education?

Why? Is it because " they " want us to forget? 

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Has it been about a month?   It feels like I have never lived any other way.  Restricted.  !!  How much is it  a Mind thing and how much is it Real.

It is a perpetual life of monotony and repetition.    It is not nice to be told what to do   I think I am old enough to be trusted to do the right thing.

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Bob Hawke in October 1983 introduced one of the first Medicare cards. Then, in 1987, he campaigned for a national ID Card “ The Australia Card. “ The backlash against it was enormous.

The average Australian was outraged. There was no way on this Earth that Aussies would accept a card that contained all of their personal information – from Medical details to driver’s license. It was not going to happen.

We may have accepted a Medicare Card but something that fundamentally breached our privacy and allowed Data to be collected by the Government on its own Citizens?

Forget it.

Yet, here we are today, in 2020, flocking en masse to sign up for something that is potentially going to make the Australia Card look like something that you pick up in a cornflakes packet.

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