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Back in 2001, The Stargate franchise aired an episode that, in hindsight, seems strangely sinister when it is re-watched twenty years later. Episode 416 opens with Dr. Samantha Carter approaching a man sitting at a table outside of a small restaurant. It’s her husband, Joe. Samantha tells him that her pregnancy test came back negative; they are both disappointed. As Sam walks him to a terminal for him to leave the planet on business, they discuss the Aschen — an alien race with whom Earth has been allied for a decade. The Aschen’s medical technology is very advanced and, ten years earlier, they had gifted the world's population with a vaccine that would increase human life expectancy. 

Aschen medical technology includes an anti-aging vaccine, anti-cancer treatment, and medical machines that can reverse tissue damage and mend broken bones. They are hundreds of years ahead of us.

After seeking further medical advice, it is revealed that Joe and Samantha will never be able to have children. The vaccine that the world population has been taking has a side effect: it renders the women infertile.

As the plot thickens, it is discovered that the vaccine was originally developed as a pesticide and it had the side effect of slowing the aging process.... but it also had an adverse effect on the fertility rate of its population. Earth's population is declining as birth rates fall and the terrible truth is exposed: the vaccine is slowly wiping out the population of Earth,


women commenting on social media about their reactions after receiving the vaccine

When I remembered watching this, all those years ago, it reminded me why I have had a lifelong love of Science Fiction.

So much work of SciFi is like a snapshot of the future, where works of fiction become glimpses of our future if we allow the invasion of alien ideas and cultures to upset  our natural flow.  Why we must exercise caution and tread carefully when promised rewards that on face value are quick fixes to a problem but merely create more problems once we open the gates and deviate from our gut instincts of protecting that and those we cherish.


The Islamic Invasion of Europe

Of course, in the TV show, the good guys have access to the Stargate through which they can pass and head back 10 years to warn the world about the dangers of the vaccine and, in so doing, save the planet. 

Not so in real life. In Real Life, we can't press the rewind button or hit the " system restore " button or travel back in time and say " Oops. "

Are these vaccines really all they are being sold to us as? Or are they gene therapy to reduce the world population and to make the elite rich beyond their wildest dreams? Are they weapons to force compliance upon the world's population through fear? Or all of the above?

If curing the virus was the primary objective, wouldn't it make more sense to promote Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine? Both drugs are inexpensive and are out of patent. They used to be freely available until the virus fear and easily obtained on a normal prescription from your GP. In many countries they were and still are available for purchase over the counter.

Yet anyone who dares to support their use for the batflu is branded as a conspiracy theorist and labeled a crank. Craig Kelly has abandoned his political allegiances because of his fierce defence of controversial things like Hydroxycloriquine and dare, I utter the four-letter word.... coal? 


Barbara Loe Fisher quote

 I have read comments online and some of them worry me.

" My grandmother was hidden away in her house since last March. She got both jabs so she could go play bingo with her friends again last month!

She died 4 days after the second jab from pneumonia." 

To think that someone lost their life because they were what is effectively blackmailed by the promise of social freedom.

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At the moment, everything we love and value is under threat. Our religious beliefs, our traditional family values, our accepted knowledge that men and women are equal and both deserving of respect; that children are to be nurtured, protected and treated as children; that the freedom to speak, feel and think are the foundations of our existence and that no one has the right to threaten our RIGHT to say " No. "

Under the veil of keeping us safe, we are being locked up in a world where we are being told that to board a plane, enter a store or go to work, we will have to agree to an unknown, untested and unwanted vaccine for a virus that seems to be no worse than a bad flu.

We are assured that the vaccine is not mandatory. Unless you actually want to leave your house.  In which case, yes it is. 



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