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All over the western world, we are seeing the faces of entire Nations, the history and the future undergo a complete makeover. It is not being done with lipstick, cosmetics or skin treatments at a day spa. It is a surgical transformation. A completely new face.
We are part of a full transformation and if it does not scare you, it should. 

By stealth, MSM has encouraged body messing and image messing. Tattoos are so in vogue. Cosmetics and cosmetic surgery is all so “ now “ .To be natural and normal is just not the “ modern thing “…. Expression through body “ art “ is just so “ cool “ and well, wicked! ( Shudder.)

Our jaw bone is particularly changed: To speak openly will increasingly become a thing of the past as they swiftly move to shut our mouths by putting a metaphoric jaw clamp in place. Our voices will be stifled and devoid of emotion.

Our eyes will only be allowed to see what the Government wants us to see. White heterosexuals are very cautious about what they say or do not say, see or hear. In fact, what we hear are the ever increasing Sounds of Silence from anyone who does not tow the party line.

Our sense of touch has been substantially changed. It will become increasingly dangerous to touch each other. Hugs, a handshake, a supportive arm will become sexual harassment to a greater extent than it already is.


Our five senses will be more legislated against, tranquilised, stifled and suppressed.

To see, to hear, to speak, to touch… all sent scurrying to the cupboard under the stairs.

The only thing that we will have left is our ability to FEEL.


And we can only experience that in our cupboard, under the stairs, in the dark and all alone.

It concerns me greatly that we will feel the pressure of conformity and, to keep the hate speech, freedom warriors, vegan activists and climate change bandits at bay, we will simply stop communicating.

You see, we cannot communicate freely anymore.

A walk around the neighbourhood to pass time with those we have known or hope to get to know is censored… albeit without our realising that is what we do.

We are frightened, concerned, wary and suspicious of those we once trusted.

So we keep our thoughts to ourselves and rarely share them unless we are in the company of those that we truly trust.

We are becoming isolated in an era where freedom of communication is at its greatest.

The irony is that the very vehicle that gave us our freedom of expression has become the very thing that has brought us to live in a metaphoric cupboard under the stairs where we actually welcome the solitude, the silence and the feeling of safety.

This morning, I looked at a photo of the three monkeys: the “ See no evil, Hear no evil, speak no evil, “ and it took on a whole new meaning.


What it has always meant, to me, to be mindful of what you see, hear and say has suddenly reached a deeper and more frightening level.

What I saw as advice has now become an order. And it all depends on who is issuing the order.

And that scares the hell out of me.

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