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Mark Zuckerberg, the pasty faced nerdy kid who created a cool place for a family to meet has turned from family friendly to George Orwell’s Big Brother.  He is now a self appointed Minister for Truth and poised to become Mike Myer’s Dr Evil, minus the cat.

Something that started out so ostensibly benign has turned into a drug – not of choice – but of necessity – for millions around this globe we call Planet Earth.  Mark Zuckerberg is a drug pusher.

Like any drug pusher, he gets people hooked and then pounces.

Facebook was an opportunity to unite family members over oceans and vast distances. Grandma could communicate with her favourite grandson who was teaching English in South Korea. She could tell him to make sure he was eating properly and he could post a photo of himself enjoying chicken and ginseng in Suwon at midnight and she would laugh and tell him that he should make sure he gets enough sleep.

On Thanksgiving, the family would post images of the turkey and apple pie and poor grandson would reply that he misses the smell of cinnamon in the kitchen and the gravy that on the photo of the table that was defiantly holding up the bounty of the family feast looked so bloody good.

Such joyous and happy interactions. Such innocent and pleasant interactions on Facebook.


Hear me out here. This is where he gets people hooked.

They now NEED Facebook. They crave it. Without it, they feel lost. Mr Mark Zuckerberg has turned Middle America and the rest of the worlds into Facebook Junkies.

I am fortunate. I never tasted Facebook. I never snorted it. I never injected it. But I know those who have.

The frightening thing that I have learned from those who tasted Facebook and decided that they didn’t like the flavour is that they cannot cancel their Facebook accounts. They are told that they have been deleted, but they are still there. Like dormant Cancer cells waiting to be awoken. Once you sign up, you are there forever.

Now Mr Zuckerberg, the Pusher, has announced that he is going to come down on Hate Speech.

He has decided that people simply cannot express their opinion of his platform.  

Just imagine that our young teacher sent a photo of him dining with a young Korean gal. Imagine that they were at a restaurant eating bulgogi beef.

If our young teacher’s Grandmother said “ I don’t know why you are in some foreign  country eating dog meat, you need to come home and meet a nice white American girl. “

Would this get flagged by Mr Pimply Face? Would Grandma get booted off Facebook?

Bottom  line, Mr Z is a pusher. He has made addicts out of millions of people and is now going to tell them whether or not they can get their fix.

All they have to do is do as he tells them.


He will ban my fictitious Grandma. If you have ever read the books by Janet Evanovich where Stephanie Plum solves crimes, you will know that you never tangle with Grandma Mazur.

Mr Pimply Face, if you keep up this targeting of Facebook subscribers who want to speak their minds, remember that there are a lot of Grandma Mazurs who will flog you for shutting them down if you tell them that they cannot tell their Grandsons and Granddaughters who to date, where to eat, what to eat and where to go to bed.

Like all drug pushers,  Mark Zuckerberg picked his target, got them addicted and is now demanding their loyalty. Only I suspect that he he has under estimated the resilience of his victims.

no facebook

There are millions who have given up his drug. There are millions who were never addicted anyway. There are millions who have already gone through withdrawl. There are millions who never tried his toxic drug.

No, Mr Zuckerberg, you are no longer the pusher man. You are last year’s fashion accessory that has already been consigned to the recycle bin. Only you don’t realize it.

Your drug is poison now. We know it. You know it. And soon, Mr Pimple, your bank account will know it.

Have a slice of apple pie. And here is a picture from Grandma Mazur. Or Clampett. Same thing.


 Like all drug dealers, Mr snotty pimply face needs users. Just cancel and never, ever visit again. Just stop. Never go again. Because, like all dealers, he will go out of business if his users dry up.

Get clean and get free. Go Facebook Detox. You will be glad you did. Dr Evil needs you. 

But you do not need him.

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