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Recently, one of my commenters said that we had become a society of sex, drugs, mock and troll.  How profound was that? Everything was either lewd, spaced out, or subject to ridicule and abuse.

Doesn't that just about sum up today's world in a nutshell?

It is no longer sex drugs, rock and roll. Our modern society has taken things to a new level.

# 1 SEX

Sex is being used as a weapon and an excuse. 

A young woman, here in Australia, got pissed as a newt and staggered into Parliament House in the middle of the night and got bonked by some bloke in an office of a cabinet member. The security guard found her passed out, drunk and semicomatose. The young " lady " was in a state of undress and, well,  the security guard just closed the door. By the way, the security guard was a female. 

That same young " lady " is now writing a book about her victimhood. 


No one seems to ask why she was pissed. No one asks how they got through security into our Parliament in the middle of the night and no one is questioning the female security guard who found her on the floor stark naked and closed the door to " sleep it off. " to say " why did you not ring an ambulance? " 

 Ambulance AAP

She is now being hailed as a hero for women because she had the courage to stand up and say that she was raped.

How did she know that she did not give consent? She was too plastered to know what was going on. Was her male partner any more sober than she was? He may have been as shit faced as she was. But, apparently, it was HIS responsibility 

This reeks of Julian Assange and his " rape " accusations. 

Pity a white heterosexual male these days.

Rape has become a word and not an act of violence. It has become a political tool to be wielded when a woman sees fit to wield it. Do these women not realise that when real rape takes place it is an act of violence, not an act of being too pissed to know what you said, did or agreed to? 

This makes my blood boil.



I knew of two young LADIES, young girls, both virgins,  who were gang raped over a 24 hour period by 11 men. THAT was rape. They were taken from a bus stop after seeing a movie and they were both subjected to horrific abuse over that time and it damaged them forever. Physically, emotionally and socially. 

Being pissed and not remembering if you agreed is hardly in the same league. 

So shame on you leftist women who denigrate the word rape and apply it to a drunken night out when you cannot remember if you said No or maybe or yes or " oh bugger it, why not? "


We have witnessed the drug crazed fiend named George Floyd elevated to the status of a martyr because he had the audacity to die from drug-induced trauma whilst being arrested. Leftist Americans leapt on the band wagon and looted, burned and destroyed communities to defend the rights of a convicted drug addict and felon. 


This mongrel pointed a gun at the belly of a pregnant woman and threatened to kill her but HE is elevated to the status of Martin Luther King? 

Drugs are dangerous mind altering weapons of Mass Destruction - yet the people from the left hail this monster as a saviour in the same league as the man who championed Equality for all? 


We see constant MOCKING of people who dare to say that vaccines could be dangerous. That the elections in America were crooked. Or that Abortion is wrong and that elder abuse is out of hand. Why, only recently, femenazis have done a hate fest on Bettina Arndt, Nicola Flint, Jenny Morrison, Melania Trump and others who have this weird idea that having a brain and using it is just. well, dumb.

Ridicule is becoming ever present and is a sure fired way to bring people to heel. Mock them and subjugate them and zip their mouths SHUT. Extract an apology. Whoever is the " offender " thinks that all they have to do is apologise and the bullying will stop.

Well, I have news for you. It WON'T stop. It will get WORSE.



Trolling is probably the most effective weapon the left have in their arsenal. Just keep the abuse going. Everyday. Every hour of the day. For weeks on end.

Using hate, abuse and vile comments wishing death upon the recipient can work wonders.

The recipient will hopefully give up, surrender and disappear. Or, better still, kill themselves.

One less obstacle in the road to The Great Reset, The New World Order and a world where free speech, personal accountability and critical thinking have been annihilated.

Job well done.



Sex, drugs, Mock and Troll are the way of the future folks. Unless we fight back and say a resounding NO. 

So what is it to be?  

It's up to us. 


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