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Who do you support? Men and women or non men and non women?
Think about it.
Diversity is killing us.

Every day, we are embracing men who want to be women and women who want to be men and all the while, I have to ask…

Who do you support? Men and women or non men and non women?
Think about it.
Diversity is killing us.

Our liberal luvvie duvvie transgender buggered up bullshit crap that everyone deserves a bloody medal is fucking killing us.


I am not joking. It is beyond crazy. We have kids being told Fairy stories by Poofter Fairies, bearded men dressed in tutus and mothers are lining up to have their kids lectured to by cross dressing perverts?

Is this what our grandfathers fought for? The right to have brown hatters and shit pushers lecturing little kids about how wonderful it is to shove a codger up someone’s arse and that is OK?

Give me a break. Please. Because, at this rate, I will turn in to an alcoholic if I have to keep reading the unadulterated CRAP that seems to spew from the mouths of the woke and wonderful communist c##ts that pose as social justice warriors and climate change advocates.

Look at that poor little bitch Greta Thunderbox… thinking that her life is suddenly worthwhile because a load of dickheads have chosen her as their sacrificial lamb. Makes me think of that other bird – Joan of Arc – still lauded today as some kind of Saint when in fact she was probably like little Greta – a kid with a mental health issue that was turned in to a political martyr. And we all know what happened to Joanie… not pretty.

Joan got burned  and her name lives on in history but those that supported her did not enter the flames and feel her pain. No way. Bottom line for these sick bastards is that anyone can burn in hell as long as the pain is THEIR GAIN.

Greta will get a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, she will inevitably have a breakdown ( which they will attribute to her sacrifice ) and all normal people will be blamed.

Except the truth is that poor Greta will crumble when she has outlived her usefulness, like poor Joanie.

Men, women, non men, non women, babies, fetuses, late term abortion, murder.. who knows these days? It is all bloody semantics.


Have we become a world of War of Words?

Someone can be offended and all of a sudden those words can end up putting you in jail or twitter jail. Words, my friends. Your best friend or your worst enemy.

And be careful how you use them and who you give them to.

Those words, like these, are both powerful and dangerous.

But they are all we have got when our guns ( metaphoric and literal) have been taken from us and all we have left is words.

Diversity is killing is and I have only got two choices: to fight back with words, or have a café latte, a soy something and a smashed avo and a ball wax.

F##k, I will take the words and my hairy balls.

Because my wife knows that I will defend her with my life and my kids and grandkids know that Jake will always look after them.

I might have a bad attitude and a bad mouth but I have a good heart and a bloody big fist.

And I don’t drink soy milk. And my wife and kids treated me on Father’s Day to bacon and eggs. Coffee and not an avocado in sight.

I work all God’s hours to look after my family and they love me for it. My wife and kids are safe and well provided for.

Poor Joan of Arc, truth be known, would have loved someone like me to look after her. She, like Greta, felt that there was no one on her team and she had to stand up alone.

I say, far better to have a Jake Irish by your side than to stand alone and wait for the inevitable burning at the stake.

We men are very good at putting out fires of destruction and you women are very good at keeping the home fires burning.

This is what it is all about.

This is true Equality. Men Protect. Women Nurture.

Poor Greta will be like little Joanie.

A Martyr. And who cares what happens to her when she has outlived her usefulness.

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